Fabulous Ways Instagram Can Inspire You to Live a Healthier Lifestyle for Girls Needing a Push ...


Fabulous Ways Instagram Can Inspire You to Live a Healthier Lifestyle for Girls Needing a Push ...
Fabulous Ways Instagram Can Inspire You to Live a Healthier Lifestyle for Girls Needing a Push ...

Instagram is a great place to go to for inspiration to live a healthier lifestyle. There are endless numbers of accounts you can follow to help you get in shape, eat healthier and make good choices regarding your overall health. You can follow big names like Jillian Michaels or Cooking Light magazine, but there are also loads of experts who run their own pages and share all kinds of goodies on a daily basis. So, if you want to live a healthier lifestyle, it's time to get the Instagram app on your phone and start using it today. According to MakeUseOf.com, these are the ways Instagram can help you reach your goals. Good luck!

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Find a Community

Social media isn’t meant to be used in isolation. One of the greatest things about Instagram is how quickly communities can form between users with similar interests. Some accounts are designed to bring together groups of people who share common interests, like @instarunners or @body.board.

Other communities can form through hashtags alone — no matter what your fitness or healthy living interests are, there will be specific hashtags to match!

Use hashtags on your photos to gain attention from other users, or search a hashtag to see what other people with similar fitness goals are up to. This is one of the best ways to increase your engagement with Instagram.

Many fitness and healthy living communities are incredibly friendly, and you’ll soon find yourself with a host of new friends and followers. Some accounts may even feature your hashtag image on their account!


Get Fit

If you’re looking to Instagram as a way to increase your fitness, these accounts will help you succeed. You can do this following certain hashtags. #Fitness, #Fitspiration, #FitFam, #InstaFit, #BBG, #WOD, #30DayShred, HalfMarathon, #C25K, #PersonalBest and #GirlsWhoLift are some really great ones to try today.

Many fitness trainers (like @tanyapoppett) share quick workouts in their posts. It’s always a good idea to check the credentials of the person you follow — experienced trainers should demonstrate good form and safe exercises.


Get Flexible

With its picturesque poses and beautiful outfits, it’s no surprise that yoga has taken over Instagram. These accounts don’t just show off impossible poses, though. Instead, many users upload full flows (sped up, of course) or teach followers how to perform certain balances safely. #EveryBodyYoga, #YogaChallenge, #BadYogi #YogaEveryday and #StopDropYoga are some really excellent ones you definitely want to check out today.

@rivkayoga posts a mix of flows and still shots in front of beautiful backgrounds. Many of her photos are accompanied by her thoughts and reflections, and her remixes of common poses are definitely inspiring for yoga beginners and advanced yogis.


Eat Healthy

Eating a well-balanced diet is key for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But eating healthy doesn’t have to mean eating nothing but chicken breast and vegetables. These Instagram accounts show the many ways that healthy foods can be beautiful, delicious, and interesting! Some great hashtags to check out include #EatClean, #HealthyEating, #Instafood, #Nutrition, #RealFood and #CleanEating.

@thewholefooddiary is a photo food journal of meals eaten by Kezia, Jared, and their young child. The recipes for most of their images can be found on their blog, but even just looking at their creations might inspire you to clean up your eating habits.



Mental health is a crucial component of any healthy lifestyle. It’s easy to use social media as a way to avoid your problems. Instead, consider following accounts that help guide your mind back to healthy topics and practices. You'll love #SelfCare, #ASMR, #Relax, #Mindfulness and #Meditation.

@headspace is the Instagram account for the meditation app of the same name. The account posts thought-provoking quotations and sayings as well as repetitive videos that can help your mind to relax and refocus.


Get Motivated

If you turn to Instagram when you don't want to work out, these hashtags and accounts may help you get out the door. Instead of providing specific exercises, they focus on inspirational stories and images. Check out #Health, #HealthyLiving, #Fitspo, #Motivation and #Goals.

Runner’s World features tons of helpful tips and inspirational stories in their magazine, and their Instagram account (@runnersworldmag) is no different. From no-nonsense text posts like the above to profiles of experienced runners, this account will make you feel like tackling your next run no matter what.


Focus on Health First

Instagram is an amazing resource for healthy living and can be the perfect way to get inspired, start moving, and stay motivated. But it’s important to mention that Instagram has a dark side as well, where unhealthy eating and exercise behaviors are promoted to potentially vulnerable people (such as young teenagers). Use discretion when choosing who to follow — if they seem to promote restrictive eating or dangerous over-exercising, you might be better off following someone else.

Thankfully, there are tons of body-positive Instagram accounts that celebrate bodies of all sizes, shapes, and fitness levels. Having positive self image is definitely part of a healthy lifestyle, and accounts like @bodyposipanda, @thebigfashionguy, and @plankingforpizza can be a good antidote to messages we hear on social media about what bodies should look like.

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