9 Types of Free Software That Will Take Your PC to a Whole New Level ...


9 Types of Free Software That Will Take Your PC to a Whole New Level ...
9 Types of Free Software That Will Take Your PC to a Whole New Level ...

Whether you formatted your old computer or bought a new one, this list will help you know what basic and free software you should install.

There is no greater emotion than uncovering your new computer case, connecting the cables and turning it on for the first time. What follows is to start looking for programs, tools and applications, however, in the network there are many options and therefore it is always useful to have a guide to know what software we should install to have the PC fully functional.

Although there are many debates regarding the use of the term “free software” because of its ambiguity regarding the terms “free”, this time we only want to refer to software that is free and free to use, ie It does not cost anything to download it (for programs that need installation) or use it (for services available on the Internet). In Softsapps you can get a definitive guide for free software.

Before officially starting with this guide I want to recommend Ninite, a good alternative to installing programs with a single click. This tool has a website where we can choose which programs we would like to install on our computer and then download an installer where preloaded tools will come pre-selected. It is an excellent option to save us the time of installation of the tools that we use more; in addition, the software comes free of those annoying requests to install bars in our Navigator or some other additional software.

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Firefox was undoubtedly one of the best Internet browsers before the emergence of Google Chrome; this year has tried to recover by adding some better to its latest version and launching the developer version. Users who have ever used it as a default browser know its potential and so it is always nice to recommend it.


Google Chrome

Google Chrome has managed to take over the market thanks to its fast and simple interface. It has the advantage of having many applications and extensions that can be integrated directly into the browser to diversify what we can do with it. Chrome is one of those tools that allow us to do everything from one place.


Google Docs

Another free alternative to creating documents is Google Docs. This Google company tool is available for free to anyone with an email account with Gmail. It allows you to create documents, presentations, spreadsheets, drawings, and forms quickly and easily. Although the personalization tools of the documents are a little limited, they serve as a great way to get us out of trouble, especially since they are available on any computer with Internet access through Google Drive.



AVG Antivirus Free is one of my favorite antivirus products. Although it has a paid version, the free version is powerful and functional. Its latest version offers very significant changes in the interface, making it much more flashy and intuitive. It offers protection against viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, and rootkits. In the Android version, AVG Antivirus checks all the files you download from the network and keeps your device very well protected against attacks.


Hotspot Shield Elite Apk

You are about to download Hotspot Shield Elite VPN Proxy Cracked APK APP latest version v4.8.4 for all Android phones and tablets. Hotspot Shield VPN is the world’s best and trusted Security, Privacy and access APP for Android devices. It helps you to unlock any website from anywhere in the world. You can also get protected from hackers and snoopers on public WIFI connections.



WinRAR is a powerful and free file compressor that supports many formats. With WinRAR, you can open, create and decompress files. This type of software is used so that files take up less space than they should, so it is very useful, for example, to compress files and send them by email or to make more files to your USB memory. WinRAR also allows, protect with a password the compressed files and repair damaged files.


VLC Media Player

Considered as one of the best video players in existence, VLC Media Player is a non-profit project composed mainly of volunteers. It is completely free software that can play almost all video and audio formats. Although many do not know their full potential, we must mention that VLC Media Player also has streaming content playback, multiformat conversion, video effects, subtitling and more, so it is one of those essential tools for any user.


Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage service available for free through a Google account. Though it is possible to have access to 15 GB of space to save our most important documents and files and we have the possibility to use Google Docs. The revamped version makes it easier to locate our folders and files.


FRP Bypass Tool

You are about to download and install a very useful android tool known as FRP Lock Google verification bypass tool from here directly without waiting longer. You can free download FRP bypass tool latest version from here today. This useful tool helps you to bypass your Google account verification during the resetting process. FRP lock bypass tool easily unlocks your phone from FRP “Factory Reset Protection” lock. You can reset your Android device without knowing your Google account information.

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