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Naughty Apps for Couples Spicing up Their Sex Life ...

By Neecey

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to spice up your sex life. It has big pay offs. Things a little stale in the bedroom? It’s not unusual for couples who’ve been together a long time. You can get comfortable in a routine so it’s good to shake things up every now and then. And for newer couples, a little of something different and some extra spice helps you to get to know each other better and grow closer. Apps are a fun way to add new dimensions to your sex life.

1 Hot Truth or Dare

text, advertising, document, flyer, Biggest,If things have become a little stale and boring, try this red-hot version of truth or dare that will allow you and your partner to connect in a fun and intimate way.

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2 IKamasutra

text, multimedia, document, mobile device, gadget,This handy app allows you to have all of the best parts of the iconic sexual book in your pocket, ready to whip out at a moment’s notice!

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Aphrodisiac flower

3 Sex Drive

eyelash, platinum, Sex, calculator, MindWave,This is an interesting app that aims to naturally increase your sex drive by emitting particular tone frequencies over a period of time.

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4 Spice Dice

cartoon, head, mobile device, finger, tooth,An electronic version of the popular dice game that can be bought in many adult stores across the world. The fun options can lead to all sorts of sexy situations!

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5 69 Places

Recycling, text, image, font, document,A cheeky app that acts as a checklist for you and your partner to complete a full house of 69 places that you have had sex, from sporting venues to different kinds of transport!

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6 Sex Keeper

mobile phone, gadget, text, mobile device, magenta,This is a fun app that helps you keep track of the calories that you burn when you are having sex. The more sex you have, the more calories you burn, and if that is not double inspiration then I don’t know what is!

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7 Connect Foreplay

font, multimedia, toy, english draughts, circle,This is a fun adult twist on the classic Connect Four game, with couples playing against each other and then having to perform certain sexy commands if they win or lose!

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8 7 Minute Workout Challenge

Itools, gadget, produce, mobile device, mobile phone,Though not specifically a sex related app, completing these 7 minute workouts every day will help you to increase your fitness and stamina, which will of course in turn make you in better shape for the bedroom!

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9 Sex Tips

blond, magazine, costume, advertising, Hot,A fun app that is filled with advice and tips for how to make your sexual encounters with your partner much more enjoyable; from how to last longer to how to give more pleasure!

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10 Cocktail Flow

diagram, document, area, web page, 12:13,Because who doesn’t like to get a little tipsy with their loved one? This app will give you amazing recipes for drinks that you have before and after your amorous session!

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11 Chocolate Recipes

art, multimedia, document, web page, Carrier,Is there anything more suited than chocolate and sex? Whether you want to bring the sweet treat into the bedroom or just find something amazing to cook afterwards, this app has you covered!

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12 UnderCovers

gadget, mobile phone, diagram, finger, mp3 player accessory,A great app that contains 99 tips, suggestions and ideas for things that you and your partner can get up to in the bedroom. What are you waiting for!?

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13 Headspace

Mabe, document, moustache, Meditation, made,Stress is a big factor in reducing sex drive, so use this app to help you relax whenever you can and you might find yourself in the mood for love a lot more!

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14 Kindu

text, font, product, diagram, web page,A great app that suggests sexy ideas for you and your partner to consider, and you can accept or reject them and it learns what you like and dislike.

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15 The Durex Experiment

Durex, product, mobile device, one, 16:19,This app invites couple to go through a four-week experiment to see if they can follow the instructions and suggestions to come out on the other side with a better sex life.

Download at:

16 ICondom

document, area, 2:40, Carrier, Condom,Now you will never have to put off a love session if there are no condoms on hand. This app will guide you to the nearest stocked store!

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