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Want to know all the best benefits of YouTube Red? Google created YouTube Red in 2014. It is a paid monthly subscription service with exciting perks. Right now it is available exclusively for YouTube in the United States, Australia, Mexico, New Zealand and South Korea. Using YouTube Red, you do not see advertisements on the website or within the apps on mobile gadgets and televisions. Here is a list of devices you can use to watch advertisement-free videos:

•YouTube and YouTube Gaming apps for Android and iOS
•Android TV
•Apple TV
•Consoles (PlayStation, Xbox etc.)
•Supported smart TVs

Other benefits of YouTube Red include offline viewing and listening to videos with the screen off. You can download them to your phone or tablet and they are available for up to 30 days to watch without a connection. Starting in early 2016, subscribers started receiving access to new members-only original shows and movies. Step Up High Water is one of my favorites. It follows the students and faculty at a cutthroat performing arts school. This compelling series is ideal for people who love hip-hop dance! Another good option is Hyperlinked which is a Disney production. It is a ten-episode show that follows girl group L2M as they construct their own website. At the center of the show is an inspirational message about women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), which is combined with a tween drama. Both shows have diverse and talented casts. Many other original series are streaming now, so subscribe at:

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