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About the Game

As you probably know, Kendall and Kylie recently released their own app which is available to download for free!

If you've already started playing to see what it's all about, you'll know that your chosen character or avatar gets offered tasks to complete which ultimately gives them followers so they can make a name for themselves in the app. They also get to meet, hang out and become friends with both Kendall and Kylie and become a part of their world.

In order to complete a task, they need to collect as many stars as they can in a set timeframe (can be anything between one hour and several long hours) so they can aim to get a 5 star rating on the task itself.

But before they can complete tasks with a 5 star rating, they need to have enough energy, since they use their own energy to collect stars. It's not long before it runs out and they need to wait a couple of hours to get their energy levels high again.

There's a couple of things you can do in the meantime to get those extra bonuses along the way (courtesy of idigialtimes).


Get a Pet

At your first apartment you have the option to get a pet. A hamster is usually the only one that is available to buy but it's fairly cheap and if you tend to it daily you will receive a couple of extra energy bolts in return.

Yes, you do have to use one energy bolt to tend to it but you usually get more in return so it's worth doing! Note that you can only get these bonuses once a day.


Explore Locations

As you probably know, you have the option to change location to main areas such as Calabasas, Malibu, Santa Monica, West Hollywood and a couple more. Since some of these locations are more expensive to get to than others, it's best to start off with the cheapish ones first if your character is low on money.

You'll see there's a couple of buildings that you can enter if you choose, but for this trick you don't need to do this. All you have to do is explore different locations and move the screen across so you can see the outside area.

There should be a couple of bonuses that drop down for you to collect, it's usually a couple of dollars, an energy bolt if you're lucky, or a couple of points to help you get to closer to reaching the next level in the game.


One Task at a Time

You have the choice of focusing on completing one task at a time (and wait the set timeframe for it to finish) or you can move around to different locations, trying to finish many tasks at once within multiple timeframes.

Although completing one challenge at a time can be time-consuming and sometimes boring, it's a bad idea to spread yourself across different tasks since you only have a limited amount of energy which gets used up very quickly.

Choosing to complete multiple tasks at once increases your chances of getting a low star rating on all the tasks at hand since you simply won't have enough energy to apply to all of them before your time is up. Instead, you should focus on getting one challenge completed with a really good 5 star rating. Remember, quality not quantity!


Start Tasks with Full Energy

It's not a good idea to start a task when you're energy levels are really low, because you won't get very far before you run out. You only get one energy bolt every 5 minutes and with these tasks, time is of the essence. It takes hours to get your energy levels full again, so if you have a 3 hour task to complete, you run the risk of not having enough time to refill and therefore completing the task with a good rating.

So a better idea is to wait until your energy levels are full or nearly full so that you can collect more stars right from the beginning and waste less time waiting for your energy to refill.


Accept Every Opportunity

Because at the start of the game you're basically a nobody in Santa Monica and trying to make a name for yourself, it's important to accept every opportunity given to you (usually Perry is the one who offers you new tasks to complete).

The key is to have as many opportunities (and by that I mean tasks) to complete as possible. You can view the pending tasks to complete on the checklist (bottom right of the screen) to make sure you always have a couple lined up. You'll notice that if you decide to decline Perry's offer, he doesn't suggest anything else in place so you either do it to help your career or not and ultimately get nowhere.

Opportunities and tasks are the main things which give you maximum amount of followers as well as rewards such as energy bolts, money, K-gems, points to go towards reaching the next level of the game, and special boxes to open where you choose a present at random from a lucky dip. So make the most of these cool game features by taking every opportunity offered to you!


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