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11 Best Apps for Long Distance Relationships ...

By Jennifer

If you and your sweetheart live miles apart, then you ought to have a peek at my list of the best apps for long distance relationships. They can make you feel a lot closer than your smart phone’s GPS says you are, and since they’re designed for lovers, they’re meant to be private and secure. Whether you’re looking for something naughty or nice – or both – keep reading! Here are my picks for the best apps for long distance relationships… and most can also be useful for lovers close together, too!

1 Avocado

AvocadoI love the idea behind this app, created by a pair of lovers. It’s a social media and sharing app made for two, inspired by the avocado tree, which won’t product fruit unless there’s another tree nearby. I love that everything you do with your love is archived, too, so you can track your relationship as it progresses… and this, along with how easy it is to use, is why Avocado earned the top spot on my list of the must-have apps for long distance relationships.

2 Couple

CoupleIs there anything sweeter than a Couple app ThumbKiss? That’s my favorite part of this sweet little app. Touch your phone with your thumb, and when your sweetheart does the same, your phone will buzz a bit. There’s a lot more you can do in this app, too, but that’s my favorite feature.

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3 SnapChat

SnapChatThere’s been some debate about whether or not the photos on SnapChat are actually deleted, but I tend to believe they are, as the app promises. That’s why this is one of my favorite apps for long-distance lovers, or any lovers for that matter. Spice up your sweetheart’s day from half a continent away by taking a risqué pic and sending it… for only a few seconds.

4 Bliss

BlissEven lovers who live a world apart get the chance to connect once in a while, and when they do, this is the app for them! It celebrates intimacy, not just sex, with a set of fun games made just for lovers like you. Want to try it before you buy it? There’s a free “lite” version, too.


IJMLOnce you’re done using Bliss, use this randy/handy little free app to let everyone know where and when you … ahem … played the game. I think this is such a fun app for lovers, long-distance or close by.

6 Love Quiz!

Love Quiz!This is so much fun! There’s a little humor built into this little quiz app for lovers, and it seems to be designed for long-distance sweethearts, because you can play no matter how near or far you are.

7 Call Sweetheart

Call SweetheartAww, this app is so… sweet! Use it to make a shortcut from your smart phone to your sweetheart’s. At the tap of one cute little heart, you’ll be connected. It’s just another small way to add convenience, while also showing your lover how much they mean to you.

8 Words with Friends

Words with FriendsIf you’re a brainy chick in love with an equally smart boy, this word game will bring you closer while improving your vocabulary. It’s addictive, and you’ll find you’re maybe a little more competitive than you thought.

9 Skype

SkypeIn any LDR, you have to see each other, which means that you've got to invest in Skype! Skype will allow you to be up close and personal with your partner, no matter where you each live!

10 Pair

PairThis particular app is fairly new and it's all about having the ability to send each other messages securely and secretly! You can also send along photos, sketches and there is even something called a 'thumb kiss' that you can do!

11 Cupple

CuppleHere is another particular app designed just for those in LDRs! This particular app allows you to check into places, add captions and even post photos, all without your information showing up on Facebook, it'll just be between you and your beloved!

With so many sweet little apps made just for lovers, no matter how near or far, there’s bound to be something for you and your boo! Which of these apps do you think you’ll try first, and why? Or is there another app for long-distance relationships you’ve tried and fallen in love with? Do (kiss and) tell

This article was written in collaboration with editor Heather Jensen.

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