Motivational Health Apps to Have You Fit by Summer ...


Motivational Health Apps to Have You Fit by Summer ...
Motivational Health Apps to Have You Fit by Summer ...

Summer time is almost upon us, which means you are probably working hard to get in shape so you can rock your shorts, rompers and bikinis. Sometimes a constant companion to keep you on track can really help and that puts all the power in your hands. By downloading a health app onto your smartphone, you can have advice and encouragement anytime you need it. Not sure which ones are the best? Try one of these. Each one gets top ranks so you know they’re great.

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S Health

S Health
If you have an Android device, you may find this one automatically downloaded, which makes it super easy to get started. This app is like having your own personal coach right at your fingertips. Use it to track your workouts, keep your goals handy, record your steps and much more. With all this on your phone, you don’t have any excuses for not being in swimsuit shape this season.


Fitness Builder
Anyone can use this app, whether you’re a beginner or an expert when it comes to exercise. Even fitness professionals are fans of this app, so you know it’s going to be a good one. With personal advice and tailored information based on your goals, you can get in shape on your own terms. You’re going to love it!


Health and Nutrition Guide

Health and Nutrition Guide
This app is the one for you if tips and advice is what you need most. There are loads and loads of great ideas for eating healthy and exercising that will make this your healthiest summer yet. You can also find all sorts of home remedies and recipes to help you turn your body into the health machine you want it to be. Eating right and working out has never been so easy!


Couch to 5K

Couch to 5K
Ready to get off the couch and get moving? This app is your first step. It will give you encouragement and step by step directions for changing a sedentary lifestyle into a healthy one. You get a complete training program from prepping your body to run a 5K. In the process, you might lose some weight and you’ll definitely learn to make better lifestyle choices.


Daily Burn

Daily Burn
If you want something new every day, this is the app that will give it to you. Each day features live workouts that let you exercise at home or anywhere you happen to be. There are also lots of on demand workout videos that let you fit in exercise when you can. This app is endorsed by tons of health and fitness experts so you’ll never regret giving it a try. Daily exercise is important for good health and this app aims to help you get there.



If you’re a runner, this app is your new best friend. Use it to track your progress as a beginner or to help you train for a race. The app is packed with tips and trackers to make your running routine the best it can be. There’s also lots of motivation to keep you pounding the pavement until you reach your goals.


Weight Loss Tracker

Weight Loss Tracker
Losing weight is the goal of many girls as summer approaches. This app is going to make it so much easier for you to get there. It’s easy to use as you enter your meals and snacks so you can stay on track with your eating goals. You can also customize the stamps for your own personal goals.


My Fitness Pal
This app is perfect for summer. Use it to track your calorie intake now so that you can get in tip top shape for the warm months ahead. Then keep on using it to make sure you stay slim and trim all during bikini season.


If you need to see it done before you can do it yourself, this app is perfect for you. It's loaded with tons of videos made by personal trainers to help you get in summer shape. You can choose from already made workouts or you can completely customize your own so you can reach all of your summertime health goals.


Pear Personal Coach

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Here's an app that you won't be able to live without once you give it a try. It's like having your own personal trainer right at your fingertips. Use PEAR for interactive video workouts as well as track your heart rate and oxygen intake. You are going to love having this app as you get fit for summer.

Which of these apps do you want to try? What others would you suggest?

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