Best Money Management Apps to Get You through Christmas without a Sweat ...


Best Money Management Apps to Get You through Christmas without a Sweat ...
Best Money Management Apps to Get You through Christmas without a Sweat ...

We all need help at getting through the festive season but have you thought about using money management apps for Christmas to make things easier?

More than any other time of the year, Christmastime is the period in which we can all get in the most financial trouble. With gifts to buy and holiday meals to prepare, it can be very easy to lose track of your expenses and be greeted with an unpleasant surprise in the form of low funds or a declined card at the store! Christmas should be a time of great joy and happiness, not a time of financial crisis and burden, and a great way to make sure that you don’t get yourself in trouble is by using a money management app. Here are seven of the best money management apps for Christmas 2017.

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green, text, font, line, product, Mint is one of the most popular budgeting apps out there, and although is fabulous for all-year-round use, ti is also one of the best money management apps for Christmas. It acts almost as your very own personal finance assistant. The app can sync up all of your different accounts and will keep track of your monthly bills, categorising your expenses as you go. Mint provides plenty of great graphs and charts to help visualise your spending.



text, product, technology, font, area, If you want to make a little extra money in time for Christmas, then Moneybox is an app that actually takes your spare change and invests it, hassle free! The app rounds up the price of your small everyday purchases and puts the spare pennies into stocks. This mobile piggy bank can then be cracked open for Christmas shopping!



text, gadget, mobile phone, technology, feature phone, With Monzo, you can transfer a certain amount of money each month and dictate a limit to stay within. The app automatically keeps track of everything and breaks your spending down into categories that might be able to help you be more efficient and specific with your shopping. It might be able to highlight where you should cut back, and also show your where there is room for extra spending.



text, software, mobile phone, font, communication device, Wally is another app that tracks your spending, everything that goes in and everything that goes out, and also what you are saving. It also lets you photograph your receipts and keep them in an in-app folder for future reference, meaning that you will be less likely to lose track of your finances thanks to mislaid documents or receipts.


Money Dashboard

text, technology, font, communication, product, With Money Dashboard, you can link up all of your multiple accounts so have a wide overview of where all your money is and exactly where it is all going at any given time. It’s a central hub for your varied finances and being able to see everything laid out on one screen can be extremely helpful.



text, cartoon, human behavior, poster, communication, Tricount is a brilliant app that is really useful for controlling your finances. If you are a person who makes regular group payments, to roommates, family or friends, then the app makes it super simple and provides a trail so that you never lose track of transactions. It can also let you know when you still haven’t been paid back money you are owed by others. Great for use around Christmastime if you go on lots of group outings.

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