7 Pets That Are Instagram Megastars ...

Having a bad day? Love animals? Thinking of getting a new pet? No matter why you have dogs, cats or fish on the brain, Instagram is a great place to look. There are loads of fun pets and animals to follow. Looking at them is almost as good as having your own pet at home. Without the maintenance. Also, you can finally decide once and for all if you want a dog or a cat. No matter what, these adorable Instagram stars are going to make you smile.

1. Adele the French Bulldog

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Cute! For some reason, one of Adele's quirks is lying on her back. She became a sensation because of her adorable face and her penchant for making everyone around her smile. Check her out and you won't be able to be upset or sad. And you might even find yourself wanting one of your own.

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