5 Better Things to Post on Social Media than Politics ...

By Jenny

5 Better Things to Post on Social Media than Politics ...

There are better things to post on social media than politics. A strange thing happened when Donald Trump started his run for office. Everyone became political. Everyone. The media could not have asked for a more divisive character to enter the scene. People tune in to hear what he tweets daily. Social Media has been filled with memes about him for years now.

When I was growing up I was always told to not discuss politics, sex, or religion. Well, times have changed and I have not only written about all of the above, my social media feed is filled with nothing but.

Is it just me or is anyone else tired of it? I realize that politics is a part of life. Education, health, taxes - we are all involved, whether we like it or not.

Personally this hyper-political social media phase is becoming tiring and so for mental health reasons I have come up with 5 better things to post on social media than politics.

1 Post a Picture of Something Beautiful like a Flower, a Person, or View

I love seeing where my friends are and what they are looking at ,and beauty spreads beauty.

2 Why Not Post a Link to a Great Song?

If we all shared our fave new tunes, it would save us a lot of time looking for new ones. Music is relaxing, calming, and generally positive with regard to your well being.

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3 Post a Video Clip of Your Fave Comedy Film Moment or Stand up

Mine are usually involving Jim Carrey, but any will do. Laughing releases good chemicals and is something you should do often.

4 Why Not Share a Pic of a Gorgeous Human Being?

Maybe someone famous - actor, singer or a lover. I for one am sick of seeing a certain politician’s face, so let’s put some other photos out there.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

Your voice matters to us. Happy reading!

5 Recommendations

I love a good tip, whether it is mundane, like how to clean something, a review of a new show on Netflix, a new product I can’t live without, or even a new scientific development

So there let’s have a politics-free day, week or month and start posting positive!

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