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This month I discovered the new online world of podcasting. Until now I had been completely unaware of the awesome facility to download podcasts to your phones or laptops to listen to the audio files on the go. It’s a little bit of the radio, audio book and an advice site all rolled into one. All you need to do is download the podcast app onto your phone, and ships ahoy you are away. You can download anything from financial advice to dating advice or my favourite, motivational pep talks. So next time you are stuck in a rut and need a good talking to, simply download one. Here are some great podcasts for those new to the online world of podcasting.

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Warrior Mind Podcast

You definitely need to give Gregg Swanson’s Warrior Mind Podcast a try. Thousands of people from all around the world have downloaded it, which should be endorsement enough that this is a good one! All his Podcasts are motivational and inspiring talks about having a strong mental mind set to achieve personal goals and success. He pushes you to strive to not be better, but great – not settling for anything less! If you need a mood boost and a quick reminder about what really matters to you, the warrior mind will help focus your thoughts. This really is the best of the online world of podcasting.


Single to Soulmate

So my friend who is now in a great relationship and having her first baby recommend I listen to this great podcast by Jonny and Lara. It’s pretty cheesy but at the same time it's good to listen to and help you get some perspective and insights from your own dating habits. For anyone desperately seeking Mr Right, this podcast is a good way to calm your mind and start down a new path to a stronger you and stronger relationships.


Daily Boost

This one does what is says on the can. Scott Smith is a motivational speaker that will help put a spring in your step every morning – easy listening for those long commutes to work. His peppy talks will put a smile on your face so that you are ready to face another day. The Daily Boost has been a top ranked self-help programme since 2004.



I have been a secret reader of the Monocle magazine for about a year now. Both the magazine and the podcast are great for giving you a fresh modern perspective on world affairs, business news and lifestyle. My favorite annual issue explores the best places to live in the world and sets off my wanderlust. If you want to keep abreast of what’s happening in the world than this podcast is well worth giving a shot. The Monocle podcast is the intellectual's delight.


TED Talks

TED Talks are short speeches by leading professionals in their field – covering a wide variety of topics. These podcasts will get your mind thinking in a new direction. As well as being pretty entertaining these podcasts will teach you new things and help you question everyday life. Learn from the best; learn from TED Talks.


The One You Feed

Another inspirational podcast, The One You Feed is a series of conversations about creating a life worth living. It explores ideas on the best way to live your life and how to create positive enriching habits that can be sustained for a lifetime. Will you feed your negative side or your positive side today?


The Meditation Podcast

Is it me or do you find that everywhere you turn self-help gurus are telling us we should meditate? I downloaded this podcast on a whim and gave meditation a go. The one I tried had a specific focus on being grateful for things in your life. Although I admit I wasn’t able to sit still for twenty minutes (I did some yoga whilst listening) I was strangely at peace after listening to the podcast. I would say this is a must have for someone looking to quiet their mind.

I now love listening to motivational and interesting podcasts; they help me focus on something else whilst facing my long daily commute. They are really great at inspiring me to think differently and approach my day with a new fresh attitude. There are so many podcasts, from learning a new language to comedy sketches, but for me, I simply love to hear uplifting talks. What are your favorites from the world of podcasting, as I would love to give them a go?

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Serial podcast. So far only one season is out but it's a real murder mystery story and it's amazing

Thank you 😊

Thanks for posting this!

Strait talk with Ross! If you want to laugh your butt off then download it. Ross Matthews is hilarious! :)

Awesome suggestions, thanks! Totally agree with @Savannah regarding the Serial podcast!

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