5 Easy Ways to Prevent Identity Theft Even if You Love Social Media Bragging ...


5 Easy Ways to Prevent Identity Theft Even if You Love Social Media Bragging ...
5 Easy Ways to Prevent Identity Theft Even if You Love Social Media Bragging ...

Do you need some easy ways to protect yourself from identity theft? Social media is heaven sent. It has created a center stage for folks who are screaming out for attention. Finally, selfies and random thoughts can easily be displayed for the whole world to see and to read.

Unfortunately, selfies and random thoughts say a lot. Most of the time, they say way too much that you can actually get in trouble.

While it’s fun to post some humblebrag selfies and random thoughts, you are at risk of losing your identity to a stalking thief. Unfortunately, sharing too much of your personal information on your social media account could attract identity thieves. So while most of your friends are irritated with your humble brag selfies and random posts, there’s a huge population of identity thieves who are excitingly waiting for your next generous post about your perfect self.

According to comparitech.com, your social media account could actually get you in a lot of trouble. Whether you’re humbly bragging or simply filling out forms to update your personal information on your social media account, you are definitely at risk for identity theft.

Don’t worry. There’s no need for you to stop your social media bragging to prevent identify theft. Here are 5 easy ways to protect yourself from identity theft without hampering your addiction to social media bragging.

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Keep Your Date of Birth Private. Better Yet Modify It

No one has to know your exact date of birth. You’re really not compelled to share this crucial personal information of yours with just anyone, more so with the whole world. Displaying your date of birth on your homepage can definitely endanger your identity. It can be stolen, matched with your name, and used for other purposes. So keep your date of birth private. Better yet, modify it. Hey, this is a rare opportunity for you to be a lot younger by declaring a different date of birth. Keep reading for more easy ways to protect yourself from identity theft.


Limit App Permission through Your Social Media

There are certain apps that you can log into through your social media account. Choose these apps carefully. Better yet, limit the apps that use your social media account to log into. Don’t use your social media account as the gateway for all your apps. That’s like keeping your front door open for everybody to come into your home.


Think Hard before You Post That Photo

There is a big difference between thinking hard before posting a humblebrag selfie and not posting it at all. It would totally be too devastating to stop social media bragging, especially if it has become a habit. But if you really want to prevent identity theft, think hard before posting that selfie or random thought. For example, posting a selfie taken in the airport could immediately send a thief running to your empty house. Posting a photo of your young child, niece, or nephew could actually endanger their personal identities as well. Those photos could easily be used in the dark web to attract pedophiles without you even knowing it.

According to nationalpost.com, folks with crooked minds are actually stealing photos from social media accounts. So you better think twice about posting that photo of a young child. If you want to remember a loved one who has passed on, think twice as well. Identity thieves don’t choose personal data. They take whatever is available even if it belongs to someone who has already passed. So think twice and hard before posting.


Keep Your Personal Settings Private

There’s really no need for you to declare to the whole world who you are. There are certain personal details that you need to keep private. For example, your complete name and home address should always be kept private. Posting your workplace is also not a good idea as well. These personal details could easily be used to verify your identity. Hence, they should always be kept private. So if you want to humblebrag about where you live and work, you need to do it in a more subtle way.


Stop Using Public Wi-Fi Connection

A huge part of social media bragging entails continuous connection to the internet. You always need to be connected online to maintain your social media bragging habit. Again, that’s not a crime but you definitely have to stop using public Wi-Fi connection. Public or free Wi-Fi connections are not safe. Avoid them and invest in a safer internet connection that’s yours alone.

There’s really no need for you to stop your social media bragging. Just be careful.

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