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7 Types of People You Should Un-Friend on Facebook ...

By Alicia

Let’s be real. Not everyone you friend on Facebook is actually your friend. It’s more of a collection of true friends, family, and acquaintances from near and far. And the truth is that you don’t click with every single one of them, right? And while each of us can tolerate different amounts of annoying people and it’s a completely personal choice, these’re the top people that you should consider un-friending on Facebook.

1 The Nosy Friend

Some people in your life genuinely care and are concerned about you. Others are just nosy. It’s a personal call to decide where that line is crossed. You may be okay with others asking you questions that go into the private category. Everyone feels differently about this. But if you know within yourself that someone just wants the scoop on what’s going on with you rather than actually caring about you as a person then you may want to un-friend them.

2 The Always Offended Friend

Some people get easily offended over very little incidents or comments on social media. It can really drag you down. If there’s someone on your Facebook friends list that’s always offended by someone or something then you may want to un-friend them. It can be tiring to worry that your completely innocent comment will fire their temper up. Who wants to go around reassuring your ‘friend’ you didn’t mean anything?


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3 The Drama Queen

We all have different pet peeves when it comes to what bugs us about Facebook friends. For me, this one ranks high on the list. Drama queens just literally suck the energy from me! Sharing a true struggle or reaching out for support is one thing but using every little detail in one’s life to feed your ego drives me crazy. I always want to say advise them to be strong!

4 The TMI Friend

Some people use Facebook almost as if it’s their personal journal. I can tolerate this but some of you may not feel you can. The TMI friend seems to share about every little thing in their life. It can be annoying but you can also look beneath that to see that maybe they’re just a really extroverted personality or they’re lonely. It’s all about what you can deal with.

5 The Screams for Attention Friend

This’s another one of my pet peeves, what about you? The scream for attention friend is sometimes also secretly insecure. It gives me a little more compassion when I believe that. But a friend that’s just over the top and blowing up your feed hourly can be a lot to take. If it’s a constant aggravation, un-friend them and move on. Another option is to simply hide their posts so that you don’t see them but you remain friends.

6 The Argumentative Friend

Argumentative friends can be difficult. They seem to take everything so personally. It’s almost as if they’re looking for a fight. Most of us go to Facebook for a time-filler, some interaction and a bit of brightness in our life. An argumentative friend can kill that brightness so you may want to un-friend them.

7 The Indirect Insulter

You have to be careful about this one because there’re times you may feel insulted when it truly wasn’t directed at you. But there’re definitely people that like to throw insults at others without directly coming out with it. Isn’t that a frustrating part of social media? It’s best to ignore a lot of this but if you’re certain someone is directing their indirect insults toward you then consider un-friending them. Keep your newsfeed positive!

Do you have any of these types of friends on Facebook? Which of these are your pet peeves? You’re welcome to share.

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