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Instagram is one of the biggest and most popular social media apps and many celebrities and ordinary people spend hours each day and night refreshing their accounts, vying to be the most popular users. There are many great apps for Instagram that can improve your pictures and help make them look more unique. You can do an absolute load of fun things with these apps for Instagram and become more popular than ever.

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This app is barrels of fun. It allows you to put yourself into an image twice. Take a shot of yourself in a position, and then keep your phone in the exact same place and take the same shot again but put yourself in a different area. The app takes both the images and merges them, except that it adds in any differences. If the only difference between the first and second image is where you are located, then you appear twice as if you have a clone. Just make sure you and your other self do not overlap. You may also move things around when you take the second shot. For example, you may have five cups on your table on the first shot. Move them all around for the second shot, and the Dubblen app will make it appear as if you have ten cups on your table.


Pic Stitch

Pic Stitch
With this app, you can stitch together your images into a collage. You may host them on Instagram, or share them on Facebook and Twitter. It also allows you to send them via email. It allows you to make up collages of similar images to create an impression. For example, you could show different pictures of the same location from different angles or of your own image from different angles.



This app has 60 live filters to use while you are taking your photograph. It also has 60 static filters to use after the image has been taken. Their most original attribute is their eight live mirror effects.



Have you ever seen the magic wand or auto-fix function on photoshopping software? This app does something similar. It is built to help you change your face in a way that removes blemishes and changes the tone of your skin to something a little more aesthetically pleasing. It also helps you brighten up your face and whiten your teeth. There are filters so you can adjust how the software changes your image.



This is an app used for altering your images, specifically the tone and atmosphere of the image. It is a slightly more advanced tool and has over 78 textures, 74 filters and 128 adjustable frames. If you know what you want, then you can make your edits/changes very quickly.

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This app allows you to change your selfies to make them a little more attractive. The online advertising for it is a little misleading because the changed images seem to have more makeup on. Still, it allows you to whiten your teeth, smooth out your skin, remove imperfections, remove red eye, wrinkles and scars. It is not as fantastic as the adverts suggest, but it is free, so it is hard to complain.



This app has lots of tools and functions that allow you to alter your images. There are filters you can apply to change the tone of your image, and there are touch-up and editing tools for things such as cropping, removing imperfections and adding text. There are also stickers to add to your images to make them more fun to look at.



text, font, poster, advertising, brand, This app is a wonderful replacement for the old black and white filter on Instagram. You can use the black and white filters to create noir style photos that you can then share on Instagram and other social media sites. If you love Instagram, you are going to love having this app to filter your photos anytime you want to.


Perfect 365

You can use this fantastic app to smooth your skin and whiten your teeth in an instant. It lets you create the best looking photos so that you can post them on your Instagram feed. It might sound a little sneaky, but we all want to look our best, so there's no reason not to get a little help. Hey, all the celebs do it, so why not you too?



text, mobile phone, smartphone, product, gadget, If you love creating time lapses, this is the best app to do it with. You can speed up or slow down your photos from 1x to 12x and the app is designed to remove any shaky images as you put together your video. You are going to love each time lapse you make with this app and you'll adore being able to share them on your social media accounts. This is definitely an app you can't live without.

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dont forget about vsco cam!

I actually have pic stitch

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