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We can’t all live in Estonia where there’s free Wi-Fi all around the country. That means we need helpful tips and tricks to help us get online when we’re out and about. Here are some ways to get Wi-Fi on the move.

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With Hotspotio, you can share your Wi-Fi with other people and they can share it back. However, you can attach rules and permissions to your Wi-Fi sharing. For example, you could ask people to like your Facebook fan page in return for sharing a little of your Wi-Fi. You can select up to three different favors you can ask people to do for you, but cannot create your own because they do not want people abusing the system. You can offer the service to your friends on the network, or you can offer it to people in the general public that you do not know and are not your friends on the app.



This is a mobile Internet hotspot that you can take with you with your mobile device. It creates your own personal Wi-Fi network that you take with you. There is obviously a charge for their service, but there are certain parts of the country where you can take your Wi-Fi network with you wherever you go. The company is targeting businesses and businesspersons primarily. They claim they can lower roaming charges by 75%, and are working in 150 countries and with over 300 mobile carriers.


Open Wireless Movement

This was created by a group of people that think Wi-Fi Internet should be free. They are getting companies and private citizens to agree to give free Internet to people that sign up with the Open Wireless Movement. They are also asking that people contribute as well as take, and are still signing people up. It is not a bad system because it means you give away a little of your Internet when you are at home or within your business, and then you get it free when you are out and about.



With FreedomPop, you can have Wi-Fi wherever you go and you can have it for free along with text and talk. Subscribe with them, and you can have high-speed wireless Internet on whatever device you desire. It is a pocket-sized hotspot that for the moment is offering its services for free.



This app makes searching for a Wi-Fi network easy because it does it for you. It will automatically search for the strongest Wi-Fi signal and connect you to the closest available and applicable network. It knows if the network is open or encrypted and even what category it is in, such as if it is a train station, café, etc.



This is a company/group that offers free Wi-Fi and Internet services and at the moment is offering them for free. Their plan is to become more like the country Estonia, where the Internet is free in many places. Its membership numbers are still growing and their business services are drawing more and more people in. They want people in other parts of the world to be as tech savvy as they are in Estonia, where collaborative efforts allow people in certain areas to have free Wi-Fi Internet.


Touchscreen Wifi Router

It is a highly capable SmartHome hub that you can use to control electronic items in your house. You can use it in whatever room you are in. You can have your own Almond+ Touchscreen Wifi Router and use it for adjusting your TV, as a controller for your DVD player, and even for turning up the heat in your home. There is lots of applicable technology you can use to control in your home.

Have you tried any of these or do you know of other great ways to have Wi-Fi wherever you go?

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Another thing is normally where there are phone shops/stores in shopping centres or malls they tend to have "hotspots" that are free wifi

Shoot I know where I'm moving when I'm old enough!

This is great info! Thanks for sharing.

Well I'm off to Estonia, bye.

Do #4 and #6 work in Germany?

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