7 De-Stressing Apps That Will Help You Regain Your Cool Even on the Craziest Day ...


Is there any part of your life that an app can’t help with? Of course there isn’t. Where can you turn when life gets crazy? When life just seems overwhelming? How do you regain control? Turn on your phone and load up one of these de-stressing apps.

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MindMeister itunes.apple.com

This is an app that allows you to lay out your thoughts on a piece of technology with a mindmap. Once you have your thoughts on the app, you are able to see a little more clearly. You can approach your problem a little more rationally, and if you can keep adding to your mindmap, you may be able to see more than one side to a situation. It may actually help you figure out solutions to your problems, so that you may be calm and relaxed.



Breathe2Relax itunes.apple.com

This is one of the many relaxing apps on the market that uses diaphragmatic breathing which has been shown to reduce anxiety and stress while inducing calm. It helps you practice deep breathing, which may be suitable for you and may not. It really depends on the type of person. Some people can find breathing very relaxing, and others don’t. There are even theories suggesting that smokers actually feel calm whilst having a cig because they are taking deeper and calmer breaths (which actually sounds correct if you think about it).


White Noise Lite

White Noise Lite itunes.apple.com

People that say white noise devices block out distractions are people that are so rich their only distraction is the squeak of the butler’s shoes. It doesn’t block out distractions, nor does it take your mind off of them. Claims that they do are highly dubious because you can play heavy metal and say that blocks out distractions too. What it does is give you something to focus on other than the noises you hear around you. That is why some people living in busy cities near the ground floor are able to sleep better with white noise apps.



Calm itunes.apple.com

Calm doesn’t offer white noise, but it does offer a distracting background noise to help you relax. Sometimes a few soothing notes and gentle rhythms are all you need to help you relax. It may work for you, though it may take a while to pull you out of your slump if you have had a bad day. Maybe try playing it when you are in the bath-- it seems to work the best there.


Marine Aquarium

Marine Aquarium itunes.apple.com

Fish are a pain to keep and are usually neglected anyway, so if you want to relax by watching fish, then watch them on this app. This is not the sort of app that is going to help you sleep; this is the sort of app you put on "while" having a bad day. If you saw Collateral (2004), you will remember how Jamie Fox (as a taxi driver) took a holiday several times a day by looking at the dream island he wanted to retire to. You can do a similar thing with this app. Turn it on whilst you are having your bad day and it takes you out of it for a few moments.


Memoires: the Diary

Memoires: the Diary play.google.com

Keep a journal and you may find it rather relaxing. The key is to focus on the good things that happened during the day and then the things you can learn from the bad things that happened. You may go to bed all angry and upset because of one event without realizing it was just a drop in the ocean compared to the rest of your day. A journal, written in a positive way, can help you see the wood for the trees.



Headspace itunes.apple.com

This gives you an introduction to meditation. You have to pay for some of it, so simply use up the free parts and play it smart. It gives you a gentle introduction to meditation that you can use to improve your sense of self and to help you relax a little.

Do you use your phone to de-stress? Which are your favorite apps to relax with?

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Smiling mind is also really good. It's a mindful meditation app and the sessions usually last 5-10 minutes so it's really quick :)

Thanx for sharing

There's another one that I love called relax melodies. You can listen to raindrops, wind sounds, etc.. You can combine sounds too.

I really going to try these app

Thisissand is a really relaxing app. I use it for anxiety all the time.

Download "stop, breathe and think" helps in meditation

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