Top 10 Emojis to Use on a Daily Basis ...

By Rachelle

Top 10 Emojis  to Use on a Daily Basis  ...

Have you ever wondered what emojis stand for and what they truly mean? Are they just iconic pictures for us to laugh out loud and make messages short? Or a way to express our inner feelings that we feel at the very moment? The answer to all of the questions is—yes. Here are the top 10 most iconic emojis we use daily.

1 Emojis with Hearts ❤️😍😘

‪ Emojis make our life a lot easier when it comes to expressing our facial expression as well as our body language. The most iconic emojis we use in a daily basis are the emojis with hearts. These emojis tend to create messages with love for our family or friends. It’s the perfect way to share your feelings and there’s no other better feeling to feel loved and be loved.

2 The Happy Emojis 😊☺️😁😃

Happy emojis are second after heart or love emojis. With these emojis they show true content with everything laid as plan. Meaning, these emojis are the friendly type of emojis that help get your day going. You are happy and satisfied with things that are going as planned or simply just happy with what works out for you.

3 The Laughing out Loud Emojis 😆😂🤣😭

Who doesn’t want to express their laughter with emojis when you can’t really see the person who’s laughing face to face. Luckily, these emojis are there for a reason. The most funny types of emojis are the ones that truly expresses one’s facial expression. Whether your laughing out loud, tears running down your face, or need to run to the bathroom, just remember these funny emojis are always there for you wherever you go. So don’t pee in your pants!

4 Emojis of Food 🍔🥗🍩🍗

Now you can’t go wrong with these emojis since they replica food we eat. There’s always something special when we see emojis with food. There’s that tender chicken drumstick and mouthwatering hamburger we all know want but couldn’t get a taste of it because of that annoying diet we ladies are in. So don’t worry girls, there’s always a next time.

5 The Poop Emoji 💩💩💩

Yes, this may sound a little disturbing, but the poop emoji is one to look for. This is just a funny way to disgust the topic after eating too much or if you really gotta go!

6 The Hand Gestures Emojis 👍👌👋✌️

The hand gesture emojis are there to show signs of your body language through your hands. Whether you agree or not an emoji with a hand can really get the message clear if you feel like a smiley emoji won’t do. There’s always a back up when words are left speechless and you know what I mean, ladies!

7 Emojis of Animals 🐶🐷🐮🐼🐵

Who doesn’t love animals when there’s a bunch of emojis of them there! Yes, I’m talking about the dog, pig, cow, panda, monkeys with “I see, hear, speak no evil” and many others. What’s more grand is that they added other special animals that don’t exist maybe in our dreams with beautiful unicorns 🦄 and magical dragons 🐉. So let your creative mind do the talking!

8 Weather Emojis ☀️❄️☔️🌈💨

What’s more pleasing than seeing and expressing the weather today. Is it sunny and bright outside or cold with ice that’s covered with snow? Either way these emojis are the best when forecasting a weather without messaging in words. A simple look at this emoji will really put your game up depending on what the weather would be like. It’s not called “seasonal depression” for nothing. But don’t let that stop you!

9 Birthday or Celebration Emojis 🎊🎉🎂🍾🎈🎁

The most common type of emojis when it’s someone’s special day is here. Why not celebrate the big day with the iconic emojis of celebration! These are the prefect party go-getters emojis or a pop of champagne or wine for any kind of event not just a birthday. So cheers to a wonderful special occasion! The party just got started!

10 Special Emojis with Different Meanings 🙏🏼🙌🍑🙇‍♀️

There’s a lot to say with emojis that have different meanings. For example, the “praying emoji” 🙏🏼 can also mean a thank you or gratitude emoji while the “praise hand” emoji 🙌 can mean a hallelujah emoji or to express joy. Other examples that’s now hitting the social media are the “peach emoji,” 🍑 what I now call it the tush emoji.” Yes I know what you think, but you can’t deny that this special emoji does look like a butt! Seriously, this icon has been pouring out in the world of social media. Another emoji that’s being misinterpreted is people using the “thinking emoji” 🙇‍♀️ as a way to express a tone of seriousness. Well, frankly my dear, this particular emoji actually mean a sign of respect as it shows the person kneeling down for respect and can also mean to express an apology. So to brighten the horizon, what do you think of any emojis that has a meaning behind its true iconic symbol.

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