Phone Accessories to Give You the Best Travel Photos Ever ...


Phone Accessories to Give You the Best Travel Photos Ever ...
Phone Accessories to Give You the Best Travel Photos Ever ...

Purists might say that to take truly stunning, professional photographs you need a clunky, professional camera. Not true. Smartphone cameras have come so far. Not only are they a much smaller item to pack but with a few (small) accessories you can take top quality travel photographs for Instagram.

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Lenses One way to take better travel photos is to invest in a few different lenses that are designed especially for smartphone cameras to enhance the qualities that they already have. Different lenses can give you ultra close ups, a cool fish eye look, a wider shot, lots of features that will do nothing but make your travelling photos look even more professional. The great thing about these lenses is that they are small compared to lenses for a full camera, and therefore much easier to carry around.


Easy Grip Case

Easy Grip Case The last thing you want is to take a gorgeous selfie on the top of a cliff only to let your phone slip out of your hand and plummet down to earth! Be sensible about the situation by buying a case that has a nice firm grip on it; something like ridged plastic that isn’t going to slip out of your grasp as soon as you lift it above your head. That would be a disaster!



Waterproof You might also want to invest in a waterproof case for those days when you are going to be doing water-based activities. Water damage is something that is irreversible when it comes to smartphones, so you don’t want to take that risk. And if you can use your phone in the water, it opens up so many more photo taking opportunities! Say hello Mr. Fish, you’re on camera.


Camera Strap

Camera Strap There are cool cases and attachments you can buy which let you turn your phone in to a camera that you can wear around your neck like the big cameras you see people walking around with. This gives you that added layer of security by knowing that if your phone does for some reason fall out of your hands, it will be safely caught by the handy straps you have around your neck!


Mountable Tripod

Mountable Tripod Gone are the days of a huge tripod to rest a camera on, it’s 2016 baby! My favorite kind of tripod is the smaller, more flexible one that you can attach to your phone and then mold and wrap around the branch of a tree or something similar to get the best angles for your travel shots. It’s called a gorilla grip!


Remote Shutter

Remote Shutter You don’t want all of your holiday snaps to have the classic ‘selfie arm’ look, do you? You can avoid this repetition by buying a remote shutter that by using the power of Bluetooth, can allow you to set your phone down and take as many ‘normal’ looking pictures as you want. It just adds another layer of professionalism to your photographs.


Portable Charger

Portable Charger The last thing you want to happen when out on your travels is for your phone’s battery to die only ten or eleven photos in, so make sure that you will always have enough battery to keep going by carrying along a small portable charger that you can plug in to your phone whenever you need an energy boost.

Now you know some simple tricks I can’t wait to see your fabulous travel photos on Instagram. Happy snapping!

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