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17 Apps Every Working Girl Should Try to Use ...

By Jennifer

There are apps for everything - to entertain, to try on hairstyles, to collect cute kitties - but there are loads of them designed to help you work smarter, too. If you want to be more efficient in the office (and on the go), here are the apps for work you ought to try.

1 Slack

SlackFree on the App Store at:
This is the group messaging app we use here at AWS, and it's fab! It's an excellent way to brainstorm, share thoughts and ideas, and just communicate.

2 Mailtracker

MailtrackerFree on the App Store at:
This app sends you real-time notifications to your iPhone inbox when someone reads your email, which is so much better than just guessing.


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3 Forest

Forest$1.99 on the App Store at:
What a cute way to stay focused on your work! Plant a little seedling when you start working, and it grows while you work. Bye-bye distractions, I have trees to grow!


ETA$2.99 on the App Store at:
Whether you're walking a few blocks to a client meeting, or you're traveling across the globe for a conference, this app gives you a remarkably accurate arrival time.

5 Acorn

AcornFree on the App Store at:
I know this isn't technically a work app, but hear me out: it can help you achieve the retirement you want, and that's totes work-related. It takes the spare change from your everyday purchases and invests it - so clever!

6 Swype

Swype99¢ on the App Store at:
I love their slogan: why type when you can swype? I'm not very good at this, but I have co-workers who swear by it, and they're so fast!

7 Evernote

EvernoteFree on the App Store at:
This is the end-all, be-all app for anyone who craves organization. Here you can sync all of your personal and work-related projects, to-do lists, and more.


Coach.meFree on the App Store at:
If there's a goal you're trying to reach, this app can get you there. The goal doesn't matter: work, personal life, fitness, the app can help you with any sot of objective you're trying to reach.

9 CloudMagic Email

CloudMagic EmailFree on the App Store at:
I love the idea of being able to manage all of my work and personal email boxes without having to merge them, and this mail app does exactly that.

10 Neko Atsume

Neko AtsumeFree on the App Store at:
What does collecting adorable kitties have to do with work? Absolutely nothing, except that it's a fantastic little break from the workday hustle. Stand up from your desk, stretch a little, go for a short walk, and see who's visited your yard.

11 Wunderlist

WunderlistFree on the App Store at:
If you have a to-do or other list to work on and share, this app can help you (and your team mates) get it all done.

12 Omnifocus 2

Omnifocus 2$39.99 on the App Store at:
I know what you're thinking: $40 is an awful lot to spend on an app! But it's worth every penny because it truly help you focus on what matters most, while ignoring (or just pausing) the irrelevant. The perspective you can get from an electronic device is just amazing.

13 Todoist

TodoistFree on the App Store at:
Another to-do list maker and tracker, but this one's just so simple and easy-to-use, I had to include it.

14 Instagram

InstagramFree on the App Store at:
If you're not already using 'Gram to connect with and interact with your clients and potential customers, now's the time to try it!


Any.doFree on the App Store at:
I love this list manager because I like sorting my lists by date, and then by seeing them in chronological order, as they should be.

16 AWS

AWSFree on the App Store at:
I might be slightly biased, but I love the daily articles with tips for every aspect of my life, including my work life.

17 Keeper

KeeperFree on the App Store at:
We know WHY we're supposed to use different passwords for all of our work systems, but it's hard to remember them, all! This app can help, though ironically, you have to have a password to use it, for obvious security reasons.

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