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We live in a time where social media has great influence over our lives. We get our news via Twitter, updates from our friends and family via Snapchat and Facebook, we see the world around us and beyond on Instagram, we’re entertained by Vine videos and we learn how to do things from YouTube. Millions and millions of us use social media channels every day but who rules those worlds?

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Pewdiepie (Felix Kjellberg)

Pewdiepie (Felix Kjellberg)

Why is this guy the first to be mentioned? Because, no matter what you think of him, he has earned it. He has more YouTube subscribers than any other person that has ever had a profile on YouTube. He has made $4 million from YouTube PPC adverts alone. Even now, he is riding high as number one with 44 million subscribers. That is more people than there are walking around in Monaco!


Jenna Marbles (Jenna Mourey)

Jenna Marbles (Jenna Mourey)

If you do not know Jenna, she is the female YouTuber with the most subscribers without already being a celebrity already. Pewdiepie is the top male YouTuber that did it without financial backing or a production team and celebrity. Jenna is the top female YouTuber that did it on her own. She has 15 million subscribers, and is from the United States.


Katy Perry

Katy Perry @katyperry

The celebrity Katy Perry has the most followers on Twitter at the moment. Did you know that YouTube (the social media platform) is currently number five? Katy Perry has over 88,787,500+ followers at the moment. It is nice to see a woman at the top of Twitter, especially since she doesn’t feel the need to throw off her clothes whenever she is in the public eye. The sad part is that her publicists write around 90% of her Tweets, but this is standard practice in the industry with very few celebrities writing all of their posts.


LEMMiNO (David Wångstedt)

LEMMiNO (David Wångstedt)

Here is a fairly unassuming guy, and yet he seems to make stunning and interesting posts about almost anything. He has a way of making things interesting, even if you are not interested in the subject matter. He covers things from video games to space, and some of the things he tells you will blow your mind, especially when he exposed just how many times the world has been blown up! He is the most successful social media poster on the crowdfunding website Patreon.


Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Instagram - Justinbieber

The androgynous child star is not number one on Instagram. The number one spot is held by Instagram itself, but this article is about people and not companies. The Instagram company has over 64,131,220+ followers, and Justin Bieber has 23,817,610+ followers, which is quite a drop, but still a great many people. His profile name is Justinbieber but many people have had fun creating similar profile names and pretending to be him. Some of the most famous impersonators posted pictures (supposedly by him) of him with cut marks on his arms from self abuse (it wasn’t him). Another famous one claimed he was having a tattoo of himself as a baby on his back. Another fake picture turned out to be real. It was of him holding a batman script with his name on. In the end it turned out that it was him holding the script, but people in the industry knew it wasn’t a real script because that is not what real scripts look like. It turns out that Justin was just looking for attention.


Missglamorazzi (Ingrid Nilsen)

Missglamorazzi (Ingrid Nilsen) @ingridnilsen

She is a beauty blogger and vLogger. She has won the Streamy awards that Teen Choice give out. Her almost 4 million subscribers are not her biggest claim to fame. Her biggest is the interview she did in the White House in January 2016, with President Barack Obama. She even came out on social media before telling her loved ones or family members.


Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner SnapChat - kylizzlemynizz

Kylie is the youngest daughter of Caitlyn Jenner. Caitlyn used to be called Bruce Jenner, but he had his penis reassigned and now walks around saying that the hardest part about being a woman is choosing what to wear, which thankfully shows that Bruce/Caitlyn knows NOTHING about being a woman. Kylie cannot keep up with the Kardashians on Twitter or Instagram, but she has 30 million followers on SnapChat due to her uncanny ability to start viral chats. She is the biggest rumor starter in the SnapChat world, and now has the most followers because of it.


Marcus Butler

Marcus Butler

Here is a guy that can’t decide if he is good looking or not. Take a look at his photo album, and 50% of the time he’s hot, and 50% of the time he’s really not. He is brilliant at making his TV shows, as well as with Vlogging, and he has a talent for collaborating with other social media influencers. Oddly enough, he also holds the world record for "Most bangles put on in 30 seconds by a team of two." His Marcus Butler TV channel has already had over 290 million video views.


Ray William Johnson

Ray William Johnson

This guy is not actually that likeable, especially since he has a seemingly "It’s okay to hurt animals” attitude, but everything he touches on social media seems to do well. He seems to have a gift for social media where almost anything he touches seems to have a fair amount of success.


Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift @taylorswift13

She has 77,573,000+ followers on Twitter, which means she probably shares a lot of followers with Katy Perry, which is nice if you think about it. You may have noticed that her Twitter handle is @taylorswift13, where “13” was probably the lowest number she could get. Normally, her publicists would have bought the rights to just “TaylorSwift” at the handle (like Katy Perry’s publicists did), but her personal account took off so quickly that her marketing team didn’t want to risk losing followers by transferring her name from one handle to another, so it remained taylorswift13. Did you ever look at her handle and wonder if it said, “Taylors Wift?” The best one is “Britneys Pears.”


Bethany Mota

Bethany Mota

In total, she has over 10 million followers spread across numerous social media channels. She has been described as “relentlessly upbeat and bouncy" and "a virtuoso of positivity". Like Ingrid, she also interviewed Barack Obama in January 2016. Her posts are mostly aimed at teenage girls.


Screen Junkies Honest Trailers (Jon Bailey)

Screen Junkies Honest Trailers (Jon Bailey)

This is the only entry on our list that is a channel rather than a person, and this channel has a substantial amount of sponsorship from the industry, but on it there is a guy, a guy with a voice, and that voice--rules! He is the narrator for a section they call "Honest Trailers" and in it he makes funny and sharp comments about movies. Watch it just once, and you will be hooked forever. Jon pokes fun at most movies, but there have been legendarily rare episodes where he has outright praised movies, such as Captain America Winter Soldier and the first Die Hard movie.


Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Instagram - kimkardashian

After getting married, she changed her name to Kim Kardashian West, but kept her Instagram handle as kimkardashian. Seems like a lack of commitment on her part. I wonder if she even bothered to change her Facebook status from single yet. Kayne West keeps saying he will join Instagram, but he is waiting for his wife to fall first. She is currently the Queen of Instagram and he will not join to cower in her shadow. When she falls from the throne, he will join. Kim now has 23,519,000 followers, which is the most that any woman has on Instagram, which is why she is known as the Queen.



Beyoncé Instagram - beyoncé

As a point of interest, the person right behind Kim on Instagram is Kanye West’s dream woman Beyoncé, which must have raised a dry smile for Kim. Beyoncé currently has 22,207,790+ followers on Instagram.


Meagan Cignoli

Meagan Cignoli

She is a fashion photographer by trade, which means you can enjoy some of her photos. But, you probably know her from the Vines she produces where she shows you artistic catwalk material, and where she goes behind the scenes. She has a very artistic flare, and the way she uses bright colors is what attracts most people to her.

A fascinating bunch of people, don’t you think?

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