Apps That Will Improve Your Well-Being ...

By Neecey

Apps That Will Improve Your Well-Being ...

There are tons of fitness apps, but there are also those that help you keep an eye on your health where the focus is not exercise and working out. From what you eat to how you sleep, these apps will help you improve your well-being:

1 BagIQ


This is an app that allows you to track the food you buy so it may be ranked on how healthy it is. You can see how much of your money is going on healthy food and how much is going on unhealthy and junk food. You do not have to do all of the data entry manually; you can do some of it by scanning the wrappers and barcodes of the food you buy and by taking a snapshot of your receipt.

2 1 Gallon a Day

1 Gallon a Day

The amount of water you are supposed to drink every day is currently under great debate, as we draw far more from food than previously thought, plus we actually generate water, which means some of our urine is not related directly to the amount we drink. However, it is fair to say that a lack of adequate hydration causes problems ranging from poor energy levels to wrinkles, therefore this app is handy to have around to track how much water you take in.

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3 Healthy out

Healthy out

Instead of browsing through websites that offer takeout food, you can browse through websites and businesses that offer healthy food. It is a little like the takeaway apps but only for healthy food. You can pick between food you want delivered, food you intend to pick up, and places where you may dine out and eat a healthy meal. There are also filters for dietary requirements.

4 Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle

This app uses its sound recorder to monitor how well you sleep during the night. It monitors how much you shuffle around and how you breath. You set the alarm for when you want to wake up, and it will wake you up to 30 minutes before your alarm is set to go off. It waits until you are in your lightest sleep phase so that when it wakes you up you feel less groggy.

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5 TalkSpace


This is an online therapy service that allows you to pull out your phone and experience a little bit of therapy. The app itself is free, but the work of the therapist comes with a cost. Usually, the therapists online will talk you through an issue and then try to convince you to come in and book a traditional service. You can discuss your life, your problems or any issues that are causing you trouble.

6 Changers


This is an app that monitors your carbon footprint. The idea is that you are able to see how much you are damaging the environment so that you may change your ways. As a result of the app, some people say that they cycle more, walk and run more. By concentrating on the damage you are causing, it is able to convince you to do more aerobic exercise. It makes a change from the apps that simply concentrate on getting you fitter or losing weight.

7 Fooducate


This is a healthy weight-loss app that allows you to track all the foods you eat. You may not set goals for things such as the types of food you wish to eat and the calories in your meals. There are separate sections for liquids and solids. The app helps you learn about food as you track your intake so that you may make better food decisions in the future.

8 Thought Diary

Thought Diary

This app enables you to record and track your thoughts. Some people use it to flesh out their ideas or remember their ideas. However, some people use it to encourage a more positive thought process. They note down their positive and negative thoughts and try to stay more positive than negative as a result.

Is there something here of interest to you? What’s important to your well-being?

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