5 Best Apps for Non-Morning People ...

By Deeceebee

5 Best Apps for Non-Morning People ...

Are you the kind of person who rages every single day about the fact that working hours and school hours have to start so early? Only morning people are okay with springing out of bed at 6 or 7 AM and to the rest of us, that kind of activity sounds like absolute hell! Here’s the problem though, if you aren’t a natural morning person, then it is might just be something that you have to battle with until you are old enough to retire! Technology can help. Here are five of the best apps for non-morning people.

1 Morning Routine

product, font, line, circle, logo, This is a brilliant organizational app that enables you to programme your morning down to the minute, setting different alarms for waking up, showering, breakfast, even how long you want to spend on brushing your teeth! It basically ensures that you get everything done that you need to without having to worry about forgetting through tiredness.


2 SleepCycle

orange, text, product, font, logo, A lot of non-morning people are that way because they don’t get enough sleep at night, so this app is a brilliant companion to have that will be able to track your sleep cycle, coming up with lots of different helpful insights including when your ideal bedtime should be, and when your ideal wake up time should be based on your lightest periods in the morning.


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3 Calm

blue, text, product, logo, font, If you always end up leaving the house in a bad mood, perhaps this mindfulness promoting app will be helpful for you. The app guides you through a quick routine that should become a habit, and you will find that your stress level in the early hours is greatly reduced thanks to learning things like breathing exercises.


4 Pureple Outfit Planner

pink, purple, text, product, heart, Take all the stress out of having to pick your clothes in the morning by using this handy app. It’s a wardrobe planner where you input everything that you have, and it automatically tells you what you should be wearing to complement your style choices!


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5 Alarmy

text, product, font, logo, brand, Are you one of those who hit the snooze button way too often every day? You need something that makes you get up out of bed – enter Alarmy. It means you have no excuse to not get out of bed. This app refuses to turn off unless you take a picture of an item in your house (preferably something in another room) or solve a math problem (eek!) It must be the most annoying app ever.


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