Easily Enable Your Shopping Addiction with These Fab Apps ...


Easily Enable Your Shopping Addiction with These Fab Apps ...
Easily Enable Your Shopping Addiction with These Fab Apps ...

Things cost money. To save money, many people will tell you to stop buying things. I will not. I will enable you instead. Apps are bad news for anyone who loves to shop because they're so easy, so I figure, if you're going to shop on the mobile device of your choice, you might as well try to save some money. That's better than the alternative.

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Wish Get it: itunes.apple.com

Let me be honest. Wish is kind of the devil. Cheap but cute items, constant discounts, surprising finds. Granted, you have to wait about a month for things to arrive, and some things are a bit shoddy, but oh, my, it's so great for tiny gifts, stocking stuffers, and surprisingly amazing home décor items.



Geek Get it: itunes.apple.com

Geek is also the devil. It's pretty much exactly like Wish, but it focuses more on tech and fandom items. I love it, also.



Poshmark Get it: itunes.apple.com

If you love clothes and don't mind buying secondhand, Poshmark is your app. You can find everything from boutique labels to designer items, the prices are negotiable, and the shipping is superb. Disputes are professionally handled, but I've only ever received one problematic item. Basically, people sell their clothes – which have to meet certain criteria. If you're looking to make a few bucks when you clean out your closet, you can sell, too.



Vinted Get it: itunes.apple.com

Vinted is like Poshmark, with an eye toward vintage and retro threads. Even better, you can shop or swap. This is an excellent app for vintage finds. You can revamp your entire wardrobe on an unbelievably small budget or pick up occasional clothing treats on the cheap!



Karmaloop Get it: itunes.apple.com

Karmaloop just has everything, and the recent upgrades are much appreciated. Honestly, I can spend forever just browsing – so yeah, beware of the potential time suck, but other than that, enjoy the hell out of this!



ModCloth Get it: itunes.apple.com

What? I spend all my money here. That counts.


Coupon Sherpa

Coupon Sherpa Get it: itunes.apple.com

Okay, with the name, but I love this because of its ability to find coupons and the ease with which you can present them at checkout.


Key Ring

Key Ring Get it: itunes.apple.com

Is your key ring overflowing with reward cards? Key Ring. Since practically every store ever offers a reward card now, keeping them all in one convenient, mobile spot is really the only practical solution. You'll know this if you've ever spent longer than five seconds trying to find a particular store's card.



RedLaser Get it: itunes.apple.com

I like RedLaser over other grocery shopping apps because it lets you do everything. You can compare prices just by scanning the barcode of an item, plus the app allows you to look for deals and coupons, as well. You'll even find out if something's cheaper in the store or online. I hate having separate apps for all that stuff, so this is ideal!



Shopkick Get it: itunes.apple.com

That being said, Shopkick is also cool. It offers deals, discounts, and sales from more of the big box stores, such as Best Buy and Target. You can also get reward points when you visit the stores. Get enough reward points and you might get some gift cards. It's a great app, but it's like a long con – you've got to put some time into it.



ShopAdvisor Get it: itunes.apple.com

Shop Advisor is a different kind of comparison app. It lets you know the best time to buy your products. It's great for the long game, as well, because if you're saving up for something special, you can add it to your list and the app monitors price changes in stores and online. You just let it know how much you want to pay.



ShopSavvy Get it: itunes.apple.com

ShopSavvy is a lot like ShopAdvisor since it alerts you about deals and sales on the items you want. However, you can also scan barcodes and find SKUs, both of which are pretty convenient.


Walmart Savings Catcher

Walmart Savings Catcher Get it: itunes.apple.com

So, some of us shop at Walmart and this app, which also features on the store's primary app, is kind of awesome. Scan the receipt after your next trip to Walmart and the app will compare the prices you paid against a variety of competitors' prices. When there's a difference, you'll get it back on a reward gift card.



Polyvore Get it: itunes.apple.com

Polyvore is all kinds of awesome. It's like Instagram and Amazon had a baby. The browsing is fun and the buying is easy, which is great for your wardrobe and awful for your wallet.



Amazon Get it: itunes.apple.com

Duh. Amazon Prime? Two-day shipping? The ability to find everything ever at increasingly lower prices? Yes please.



Etsy Get it: itunes.apple.com

Etsy's app is such bad news. It's so easy to browse while you're waiting in line or spending time in the powder room. Ordering is such a breeze, and all the cutest things are there. All the cute things.



Groupon Get it: itunes.apple.com

Deep discounts, tailored to your location, even more precise when you use the app … Groupon's app is so dangerous.

Really, though, exercise with moderation when you shop, especially using apps like Wish and Geek. Set a cap for yourself. I say this as someone who just bought twenty pillow covers for twenty dollars.

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Wanelo is also a great one!

......WHY did I come here 😳😄...lol Good post girly!

Your are so right with what you said about the app, "Wish." So time consuming when you find you want everything you see!!!

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