Girl's Guide on How to Make the Most out of the TBH App ...


Girl's Guide on How to Make the Most out of the TBH App ...
Girl's Guide on How to Make the Most out of the TBH App ...

The newest app is here- TBH! This is an app we can use to send people “to be honest’s” without having them know it came from us! Are you wondering how to make the most of the TBH app?

But can we actually be honest here? This app’s premise seemed a little “meh” at first. After a while of using it, though, we’ve come to realize it can be even more fun than we expected.

To be honest, we need to remember these tips on how to make the most of the TBH app.

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Friend, Friend, and Friend Some More

While it may seem like an obvious choice, there are a lot of people who shy away from friending all the people that come up on their suggested list. (I know, I’m one of them.) But it’s important to have a wide group of friends to keep the diversity going! You don’t want it to be too easy to guess who’s picking you for stuff. This is one of my best answers for how to make the most of the TBH app.


Don’t Be Afraid to Hit the Reply Option

You never know who might be the “boy from 11th grade” that just said to be honest, you “always look good when walking down the hallway.” This app is a great way for feelings to get (secretly) revealed. It makes the experience that much more exciting!


Answer Back to Other People’s Requests

“Their intelligence is sexy” you might have said to that cute guy to the left of you in English that you STILL haven’t worked up the courage to have a real conversation with. Now’s your chance! Even if it’s just to tell your friends you think they’re your true source of reliability and can “always keep a secret,” it’s nice to know someone thought about you and you should do the same for them.


Submit Your Own Polls

There’s an option to submit your own polls, and in 48 hours you might see it on your screen when giving someone else a TBH or receiving one yourself. This is a fun and creative way to get the most out of this app!

So what are your ideas? How can TBH become even more fun?

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