5 Apps That Will Help You Have a Positive Impact on the World ...

By Carly

5 Apps That Will Help You Have a Positive Impact on the World ...

Are you looking for some apps that help you have a positive impact on the world? When you think about smartphone apps, the first things that come to mind are probably things like games and social media platforms, and that’s understandable because the bulk of apps there are definitely linked to one of those two areas! However, did you know that there are also a whole bunch of apps out there that can actually help you to make a positive impact and have a positive effect on the world? If there is a little extra storage space on your phone right now, then why take a look through this list of our five personal favourites, and see if you might like to download any of them to give them a try! Here are the top apps that help you have a positive impact on the world.

1 Spotfund

aqua, turquoise, product, product design, turquoise, Spotfund is kind of like a mini version of something like Kickstarter, but it’s solely for charitable causes. You can search through for issues that you are passionate about, or can just take a look at what seems to be trending at the moment and proceed to donate from anything as low as $2 to larger amounts. If you feel like doing some good in the world instead of buying that extra donut, then Spotfund is the simple way to use your dollars in a different way! This is one of the best apps that help you have a positive impact on the world.

2 Micro Hero

nose, font, clip art, product design, graphics, If you don’t mind answering surveys, you can help a good cause without much effort. Earn real money for the causes you care about by answering survey questions in your spare time and each answer earns real dollars for your favourite non‑profit. The cash donations are made by companies that are doing market research, or who need quick answers to urgent business questions.


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3 Orange Harp

orange, yellow, text, font, line, Orange Harp is an app that has created partnerships with multiple businesses to create products that are environmentally and socially helpful. Everything you can buy on the app comes with a full and transparent explanation of who made it, how it was made, and how the environment was ethically involved as a result. You can shop with the assurance that your money is going toward the development of further great causes!

4 Share the Meal

yellow, text, heart, font, computer wallpaper, If world hunger is a cause close to your heat, download the Share the Meal app. The app was created by the World Food Programme (United Nations) and is an easy way to donate food and meals to people in need. You are able to track exactly where your donation goes and it costs as little as $0.50 to feed a child for an entire day.

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5 One Today

blue, text, aqua, product, azure, Kind of like a daily calendar, One Today is an app that provides you with the story and details of a different non-profit organisation every single day. If you like the sound of the charity and the work they are doing, you have the option to donate a dollar to their cause. If you do this regularly, you will be making a huge yearly donation to charity without even realising it!

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