Insightful πŸ€” Reasons Why Social Media πŸ“± is so Addictive 🀐 ...


Have you ever asked yourself why is social media so addictive? Digital age addiction falls into five categories - device addictions, information overload, net compulsions, cybersexual addiction, and cyber-relationship addiction. There is an absence of clear-cut protocols to detect and classify social media overuse and addiction, perhaps because it is difficult to know if people are addicted to the medium or the interaction. According to Dahah Boyd, author of the book "It’s Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens," most teens are actually addicted to each other. What about adults? About 70 percent of them use social media 23 hours per week on average!

Why is social media so addictive? Communication takes place during online interaction and fulfills a need to be connected with others. Being connected gives our world sense and meaning. Other factors that lead to addiction are:

1. Social Validation

This is a huge driving force in social network use. Platforms such as Facebook help validate our existence.

Fear of Missing out