Super Addictive Games to Play on Your Smartphone ...

By Eliza

Super Addictive Games to Play on Your Smartphone ...

When you have some much needed downtime, a fun smartphone game can be the perfect way to spend that time. I love to play such games while I wait for my lunch each day and after my kids go to bed at night. Looking for something new? There are loads and loads of choices. Here are some of the best and most addicting ones. These should keep you entertained for a while. Have fun!

1 Temple Run

Temple Run
In this game, you run through various courses, collecting coins and trying to stay alive. Use the coins to get more power or to complete a run you are having trouble with. You will get addicted to the quick thinking and twisty turns this game serves up. Just don’t start playing it if you have something to do soon.

2 Juice Jam

Juice Jam
I am currently addicted to this game. It involves matching three fruits or veggies to break rows as you fill orders and try to complete each level. The game gets more challenging as you go and it’s really hard to put the phone down and stop playing. Sadly, you only get 5 lives at a time, then you have to refuel before you keep going. But hey, at least that keeps you from losing hours without realizing it.

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3 2048

If you love math puzzles, you are going to get addicted to this game in no time. You have to match numbered tiles to make each one higher. When you get to 2048, you are the winner. It’s not quite as easy as it sounds though and you’ll have to really work that brain to figure it out.

4 Bakery Story

Bakery Story
This game is really fun and requires some thinking to get it right. You open a bakery and must bake enough things to keep your guests from becoming angry that you are out of treats. That means timing it just right and keeping an eye on the game so you can serve the foods when they’re done or they burn. You can’t just start this game and then ignore it for days. It’s addicting – take it from me!

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5 Stupid Zombies

Stupid Zombies
If shooting games are more your style, you will love this one. It involves getting rid of the zombies with a limited amount of ammunition. That means you have to use strategy to figure out how to shoot them all before you run out of bullets. You’re sure to get sucked in after the first level.

6 Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing
This is a racing game that requires you to complete the course without running out of gas. As you go along, you can upgrade your car and see new things. If you just want something fun to kill a few minutes, this game should be the next thing you download onto your smartphone.

7 Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans
In this strategy game you have to build your empire and defend it against other players. People with the app can visit your clan and storm things so you have to build up a good defense. If you love gaming as a group and want something that allows you to interact with others and that is always just a little bit different, Clash of Clans is the game for you.

What’s your favorite smartphone game?

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Also, I've been playing Swapperoo , it's a puzzle game & not very easy. I've gotten so mad at it yet I keep going back lol

I'm quite addicted to plants vs zombies.. The entire fam is playing on their iPads now! Lol

Don't forget Flow!

I would like to add hay day 😃

Why would I want to do anything that is "super addictive"??


Two Dots!

Clash of Clans!!!!!!!!!

Candy crush 😍😍😍

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