Amazing Life Organizing Apps That Will Give You Full Control of Your Life ...

By Neecey

Amazing Life Organizing Apps That Will Give You Full Control of Your Life ...

I hope you’re being inspired by the focus AWS has put on “New Year, New You” this month. Myself? I am making a real effort to be more organized this year. If you’re doing the same, here are some apps to organize your life:

1 Evernote

This is an app that seems to have a very good online reputation. It is a note taking and organization app. If you have notes, files, audio or movie files, you can store them with this app.

2 DropBox

This is a cloud storage solution that allows you to store your files quickly and conveniently. You can put them all in one place so you do not lose them.

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3 Idea Organizer

Idea Organizer
Note your ideas and store them with the app. You can store voice memos to remind you of all the things you tend to forget throughout the week.

4 Stylebook

Stop wasting time deciding what to wear and get on with your life. With stylebook you import photos of your clothes, create outfits, plan what to wear and get style-inspiration from clothes online. It's a terrific way to manage your wardrobe, create outfits and get the most out of your clothing

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5 LastPass

This is a time saving app. It allows you to sign into different accounts by clicking a button without having to enter your data. It even has offline functions.

6 Flipboard

With this app you may keep up with the various subjects that you find interesting. For example, you may keep up with interior design trends, or technology trends, and things of that nature.

7 Mailtime

This app converts your emails into a format that is more similar to a text message thread. It helps to keep your response times down because you do not have to click through old emails to catch up.

8 Expensify

Expensify ‌‌
This is a very popular app that helps you track your expenses. It is more ideal for the types of people that travel a lot but can be used for daily expenses.

9 ShoeBoxed

ShoeBoxed ‌‌‌‌
This is an app that allows you to take photographic scans of your receipts so you may keep them. Good for tax keeping records and budget monitoring.

10 TripIt

Organize your trip with consummate ease. Find deals and organize your trip based on them. They use information from a great many travel-agent websites. You even get directions and maps.

11 Ifttt

'If this, then that'—shorten that little tag line to ifttt, and you've got one of the best apps on the market. This amazingly simple yet powerful iPhone app can automate just about anything you'd want to do in your digital life.

12 GroceryPal

Create your grocery list and organize it. You can even organize it by the aisles in the store. It makes shopping a lot easier, and it can help you save money if you are the sort of person that makes a lot of impulse buys.

13 MealBoard

Store your recipes and create meal plans. You may also plan your grocery visits with lists. You can create weekly plans for what you are going to eat and even how much you are going to spend.

14 IXpenseIt

This app gives you reminders for when your bills are due. It also has budgeting tools to help you manage your money and keep a track of how much you are spending.

15 Track My Life

Track My Life
This is an app that helps you recognize where your time has gone. The idea is that you will be better able to manage your time if you see where you are spending it.

16 Cozi

If you have a family, this app will get and keep you super organized. Keep track of everything from school schedules to extracurricular activities and grocery lists to doctor's appointments.

17 Easilydo

This is an amazing productivity app that helps you take care of a variety of tasks quickly and efficiently. EasilyDo works as a personal assistant and automation machine.

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