8 Fun Apps to Help You Learn a New Language ...


8 Fun  Apps to Help You Learn a New Language ...
8 Fun  Apps to Help You Learn a New Language ...

We live in such a diverse world! And now more than ever it is exciting and great to learn a new language, especially when we can do that on our phones, with fun apps that help us learn new languages within months!

Beyond that, it is also beneficial for new career opportunities or travel plans. There will be no regrets in learning a new language and you can start today. Here are some of the best apps for learning a new language:

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text, mobile phone, gadget, technology, smartphone, If you have been looking into learning a new language, you probably heard of this tool. It is very effective and will assist you in learning multiple languages in no time. You start off by learning basic communication phrases in case you visit the country, which is always great.



text, technology, telephony, product, line, I love this app, because it is not only focused on one continent’s languages. You can learn anything from Chinese to Japanese. Now you can save some money on that book translation service you’ve been paying for.



advertising, product, technology, water, sky, This tool is great because it works with a flashcard system. There are many preloaded flashcards, but you can also create your own so that you start off with what you really want to learn. You can combine this with another language learning tool, which is a great feature for learning multiple languages.



gadget, product, mobile phone, technology, cellular network, The Memrize tool use flashcards as well as images to help you memorize information quickly. Even the best translation services are going to have nothing on you after using this app. The app is free of charge and is compatible with both iOS and Android.


Pimsleur Method

blue, text, font, product, line, What I like about this method is the fact that you feel like you have your own instructor. This is based on audio and you are able to focus on pronunciation and speaking the language instead of just spelling and grammar.



text, font, line, product, area, With a listing of over 12 million native speakers, you are not ever going to be stuck and not find the language you are interested in learning. Who better to learn from than someone who actually live in the country the language is spoken? A lot of this service is free and you can at least get through the basics without paying for it.


FSI Language Courses

games, text, technology, font, line, Many institutions are offering language learning these days, in an attempt to educate the people of the world. Foreign Service Institute offers a free course to the public in order for them to learn a new language. This is a non-profit organization and is definitely worth supporting. You can find the best French to English translation on this website.



text, display advertising, website, advertising, font, With over 90 languages to learn, this is definitely a winner. This tool lets you keep a journal in the language you are trying to master. This way you are learning to read and write in the language of your choice. They offer a variety of languages and a lot of small dialectics that you might not find easily elsewhere.


Bonus Method - Podcasts

Listening to podcasts is a great way to learn a new language. You can put it on while commuting or just while have lunch in a quiet spot. Plug in your earphones and before you know it, you’ll learn tons. I like this idea, because it is convenient and effective.

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