Lifesaving Apps to Find Bathrooms in New York ...


Lifesaving Apps to Find Bathrooms in New York ...
Lifesaving Apps to Find Bathrooms in New York ...

There are several apps to find bathrooms in New York. How can business owners who cannot sell enough of their products make a lot of money? They can try marketing their facilities to noncustomers.

Many New York City bars, nightclubs and restaurants get slammed by the skyrocketing cost of rent, food and labor. While cities like Paris and Portland have developed street access to free public toilets, New York City has remained resistant. The city only has 15 operational public toilets for its 8.5 million citizens and 60 million annual tourists! The new solution to this problem is the growing number of third-party services and apps to rent out bathrooms to make extra money. Read more below about two popular apps to find bathrooms in New York.

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This is the best of these apps to find bathrooms in New York. This is a new mobile app that promises to direct tourists and anyone else with weak bladders, to the nearest available bathroom. They have already signed up more than 100 New York restaurants and bars before the app’s summer 2018 launch. Luluapp generates digital bathroom passes charging from 99 cents to $5. Restaurants get 65 percent of the fee.



Rockaloo has partnered with more than 130 different locations across Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens to give users access to private bathrooms for one hour! People can use the app to book a bathroom at a restaurant, bar or coffee shop closest to them. The price ranges from 99 cents to $8.99 depending on the type of establishment.

Now when nature calls you can call on technology. It is a win-win solution for businesses and consumers.

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