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Never Miss a Concert Again with These Apps ...

By Vanessa

There are so many must-have apps to stay up to date on concerts! As an avid concert-goer, I rely a lot on these apps to keep me in the loop about all the local shows. They all let me know when my favorite artists are in town and even make suggestions for up-and-coming bands that I always end up loving! Check out these seven apps to stay up to date on concerts and then let me know which ones your favorites are:

1 Bandsintown

BandsintownOn iTunes:
Price: Free
This app is a must-have for concert lovers. Honestly, I don't know how I once lived without it! Bandsintown simplifies everything about concert discovery: it tracks your favorite artists and sends you alerts whenever their touring near you. That way, you'll never miss a show! This totally free app scans your music library to learn who you are as a fan and then suggests similar sounding artists to help you discover NEW bands you'll fall in love with. This is just one of many apps to stay up to date on concerts!

2 Fahlo

FahloOn iTunes:
Price: Free
Fahlo is the best way to connect with the fandom you're apart of! You'll get behind-the-scenes photos and videos of your favorite musicians and with notifications sent straight to your phone, you'll never miss a beat. Some of the cool features of the app includes fan trivia and polls. This app is more for fans to connect with fans but it's also a place to discover your favorite musician's tour dates.

3 Tamber Concerts

Tamber ConcertsOn iTunes:
Price: Free
Tamber keeps you in the know about all the best local shows! It recommends concerts to you based on your musical interests and even recommends the best up-and-coming artists that are similar to your favorite artists. That way, you can see the best new artists BEFORE they become massive stars. The app also lets you listen to full songs, watch videos, and read about the artists before buying tickets.

4 Songkick

SongkickOn iTunes:
Price: Free
With Songkick, you can make sure you never miss your favorite artists live again! The app will send you instant notifications as soon as tour dates are announced. You can even create your own personalized concert calendar so you never lose track of your concert plans. For every concert or festival, the app will you show you the full line-up and the venue map! Awesome, right? You can buy tickets in-app which makes things SO convenient!

5 Jukely

JukelyOn iTunes:
Price: Free
This app is all sorts of awesome. Based on your collective music tastes, Jukely will match you with concerts for you and friends to go with! The coolest part? They'll even make arrangements with your local venues to get you free tickets to lots of different shows! Trust me, you won't regret downloading this app.

6 Bandmate

BandmateOn iTunes:
Price: 1.99
BandMate will recommend live music events based on what you listen to! It also lets you know when your favorite bands have upcoming releases, which is such a cool feature. Another awesome thing about this app is that if you don't have time to scan through the different listings, you can just pop on your headphones and BandMate will generate a playlist that features all the artists with upcoming shows in your town.

7 Applauze

ApplauzeOn iTunes:
Price: Free
This app helps you discover, plan and attend all the best events around you! It features the hottest tickets which are hassle free to purchase. You can use this app for strictly music-related discoveries OR you can use it to discover much, much more that's going on near you.

Well, there you have it! These are just seven out of many awesome apps that'll help you stay up to date on all the latest concerts. Which apps do YOU love for keeping track of your favorite artists/bands?

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