Fab Ways to Give Your Instagram Account an Instant Makeover ...


Fab Ways to Give Your Instagram Account an Instant  Makeover ...
Fab Ways to Give Your Instagram Account an Instant  Makeover ...

Are you looking for ways to give your Instagram account a makeover? Facebook might be the place to go when you want to do some stalking of your nearest and dearest. Twitter might be the place to go when you want to share your most random thoughts, and Snapchat might be the place to go when you want to show your more impulsive or crazy side, but there is no doubt that Instagram is the resting place for all of your very best and most creative photos! A person’s Insta account can really be their pride and joy, a little piece of your own personality in a single app. However, sometimes achieving the perfect Instagram can be harder than it seems. Here are some ways to give your Instagram account a makeover.

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Settle on a Theme

One of the best ways to give your Instagram account a makeover is to choose a theme. All of the best Instagram accounts stick to a fluent theme; it’s what can get you those big numbers of followers who are looking for a specific thing. The theme can be very broad, it could be a colour, red, blue or purple, it could be a certain activity, running or yoga, or it could be something that seems to be extremely popular across the platform, an Instagram dedicated to your pet or pets!


Think of your chosen theme as your Instagram signature. It sets the tone for every post and ensures that avid followers always know what to expect. It's this consistency that captures the attention of audiences and makes your profile memorable. Tie your theme to either your interests or niche. If you're passionate about vintage fashion, let each post reflect that era's allure. If you adore nature, ensure every snap showcases the beauty of the outdoors. Remember that cohesion in your posts will distinguish your feed from the millions of others, enticing a loyal following.


Consistent Editing

Your account will be much more pleasurable to browse through if you keep a steady editing theme going through all your posts. Don’t go crazy with too many different filters. Pick one or two that seem to show off your photos the best, and stick with them. It will create a memorable and identifiable quality to your posts, almost giving you your own brand. Keep your editing as consistent as possible and your followers will come to recognise your signature style!


Maintaining a uniform aesthetic not only pleases the eye but also makes your profile stand out in the sea of ever-scrolling content. Whether it's the moody hues of a cityscape or the vibrant tones of tropical adventures, let your chosen palette whisper tales of your unique journey. Remember, the devil is in the details; even the angle at which you capture your subject or the way you frame your shots can become iconic to your personal gallery. Your dedicated followers will soon grow to love the familiarity, like cozying up with their favorite book, each time they visit your feed.


Natural Light

The very best Insta photos are always the ones that contain as much natural light as possible. The darker the frame becomes, the more grainy the picture is going to be, and nobody wants to post a grainy, pixelated photo on Instagram! There will always be exceptions, thanks to fun night-time activities with your friends, but try as much as possible to capture photos that are taken in the most accommodating periods of daylight!


Natural light doesn't just enhance the quality of images, it also brings out the vibrancy and authenticity of the colors. When an image is bathed in sunlight, it gains a warmth and clarity that artificial lighting rarely matches. Aim for those golden hours—just after sunrise or before sunset—when the light is especially flattering. And remember, if you're indoors, get close to windows or even step outside to let the natural light work its magic on your snaps. Your followers will notice the stunning luminosity and life in your pictures, making them stop and double-tap without hesitation.



You should be aware of how your feed is going to look to your followers. Try not to upload to many single posts in a row because it will make your flow look too busy and erratic. Also, decluttering also works for the actual taking of the pictures. There is only a small square of screen space to work with, so don’t make your photos too busy because the more there is in the frame, the less appealing it will be on the smartphone screen.


To maintain a cohesive look and feel on your Instagram, consider adopting a minimalistic approach not just in the number of posts, but also in the content strategy. A touch of simplicity can have a big impact. Prioritize quality over quantity; one striking image can speak volumes compared to a clutter of average photos. Before posting, ask yourself if each image adds value to your aesthetic and narrative. Remember, a well-curated gallery resonates more effectively with your audience and keeps them engaged and eager for your next visual story.


Plan Your Posts

Don’t be impulsive with your posting. Try to organise a timeframe around which you post photos every day. It makes you seem much more consistent and in control of your social media platforms! There are even certain external apps and features where you can queue your Instagram posts and they get released at regular, healthy intervals!

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