Reasons to Join AllWomenStalk's Write and Earn Program ...


Reasons to Join AllWomenStalk's Write and Earn Program ...
Reasons to Join AllWomenStalk's Write and Earn Program ...

Hello ladies

I want to share with you why the Write and Earn Program is such a great opportunity. The Allwomenstalk Write and Earn program has only been recently introduced and already we have a group of fabulously talented and creative writers. But we’re looking for more. Please read through the reasons to join the Allwomenstalk Write and Earn program and I hope I’ll be reading your own posts very soon.

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It’s a Platform to Test and Hone and Showcase Your Writing Skills

Do you have ambitions to be a writer? Maybe you want to write a book or want to work as a freelance writer. If you lack confidence, Allwomenstalk Write and Earn is a great way to practice your writing skills. If you want to work as a freelance writer, you can use your posts as a showcase of your work. Potential clients like to see a portfolio and it’s a disadvantage to not be able to show your work. Write and Earn solves that.


You Have a Voice

Sometimes, there is something you just have to say. It might be something you love or something you really want to get off your chest. Maybe you feel there’s no platform for you to share an opinion. Allwomenstalk is that platform. Please do however, remember Allwomenstalk is about empowering women and educating and entertaining women so we don’t welcome political statements, controversial subjects with a biased opinion, content that is sexist or racist, or a simple rant.


You Can Share Information That is Important to You

Have you had an experience you think other women can learn from? Allwomenstalk is the ideal place to pass on your story and provide advice on the lessons you learned. Maybe you suffer from a condition only occurring in females. Other women and fellow sufferers can benefit from your knowledge and experience with the condition and not feel so helpless or alone. Maybe you have a passion about helping women better themselves either physically or mentally. Go ahead and share.


You Entertain the Sisterhood

Women come to Allwomenstalk to be entertained as much as they want to be educated, inspired and motivated. They want to learn and want to improve and the best way is through being provided with the information they crave in an entertaining way. We like to present a massive range of topics – anything that would interest a woman in the 21st century - and we are able to do that because our writers are all so very different in their styles, in how they write and the things they want to share. Trust us – there is someone as interested in your topic as you are.


You Are Part of a Fantastic and Supportive Community

Who wouldn’t want to belong to one of the most supportive, informative and fun online communities dedicated to women of all ages, all races, and all around the world.


You Can Earn Money

Why not earn a little bit extra from something you love doing? Your post earns $3 for every 1,000 views. It appears on a hugely popular app/website that is read by millions every day. If you promote your post through your own social media, you have an even better chance of it gaining more views and therefore, earn more money.


It’s Easy, It’s Free and It’s Fun

These are the best reasons of all. The process is easy to follow and all it costs is your time. Writing has great benefits for your mental health and it’s a great outlet for anyone who thinks they aren’t very creative. You’re in control of when you write and what you want to write about.

How to join
I hope you are now inspired and want to join the Allwomenstalk Write and Earn program. Please contact Laura at and she’ll provide all the details you need.

The Allwomenstalk team really look forward to hearing from you.

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Hey I want to start writing. U is it just that I have to post my articles on the app or is there another procedure

Hi I want to write is it possible

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