Gardening Apps You've Got to Download Today ...

By Eliza

Gardening Apps You've Got to Download Today ...

It’s time to start getting your garden going and that can be made infinitely easier when you have a few apps to keep you on track. I love to download the ones that tell me when to plant and what things can grow with each other. If you’re ready to plant flowers, veggies or fruits, your smartphone can be the ultimate tool in ensuring that you have the most beautiful and productive yard on the block. Try these and you’ll be well on your way to success.

1 Gardens

The name might be simple, but this app is a glorious addition to your lineup. There are tons of videos that will help you do any gardening task, from the simplest to the most complex. There is advice on getting things done right and you can look at and share photos for inspiration. It doesn’t get any better than this!

2 Leafsnap

Have you ever seen a plant or flower you’ve got to have, but don’t know what it is? Then you need this app. Snap a photo of the leaf and the app will tell you what species it comes from. The program uses visual recognition software so it’s highly accurate. Once you know what you want in your yard, the app can help you write down the name on your list, totally taking the guesswork out of finding the perfect things for your yard and garden.

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3 Beginners Gardening Guide

Beginners Gardening Guide
If this is your first year getting your hands dirty in the garden, you definitely need this app. It outlines all the basics for starting your garden and gives you all the tips you need to make it look the way you want it and produce flowers and food for you all summer long. There are lots of videos and links to other resources too.

4 Garden Manager

Garden Manager
Use this app to set alarms that remind you when it’s time to care for your garden plants. You’ll never forget to water, harvest or thin your plants again, which ensures the perfect garden you crave. You can also use the app to keep a log of what you plant and how it does, as well as share photos and ideas with other users.

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5 Sprout It

Sprout It
This handy app helps you choose the perfect items to plant in your yard and garden, then gives you customized advice for the right schedule and care for the things you’ve chosen. There are reminders built in and lots of tips for being the best gardener in town. You are going to love how this app totally takes control for you.

6 Gardening Companion

Gardening Companion
Ready to take your garden to the next level? This is the app for you. It will help you design and maintain your dream garden without a ton of extra time or effort. The app features reminders, guides, photos, videos and advice that will ensure the garden that you’ve always wanted. I think I’ll download this one this year, for sure!

7 Gardeners Calendar

Gardeners Calendar
If you are planning the epic vegetable garden this year, this app will help you get it done just right. The app is updated daily so there’s always the latest and greatest advice when it comes to the perfect time to plant seeds and plants in your garden. There is so much info here that you will always be able to find exactly what you need.

Which of these apps will you use? What are you planting this year?

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