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4 Great Apps for Optimal Fitness ...

By Alexandrina

We all want to own a fit body, especially in summer. If you are too busy to go to the gym, these are the best apps for you and your physical health😏😉💪🏽

1 ABS💦

red, pink, text, clip art, font,If you want to have great belly muscles you totally need this app. It has the best exercises no matter if you are a beginner, an intermediate or a pro. I personally use it and I really see good results.

2 SEVEN7️⃣💪🏽

aqua, product, font, logo, brand,Seven is an app that includes every type of exercise you like and you need. Every day you are obligated to workout 7 minutes in this app. It reminds you every day about your duty to your body.


blue, sky, line, silhouette, wing,It strikes me that Fitness is the best app of all. I personally begin my workout with this app. It is really refreshing and energetic. It sends you notifications every day and you can set the time you want to work out a day before. It tells you what progress you’ve made and it is provided for 60 days.

4 BUTT🍑💪🏽

purple, violet, font, product, logo,Butt is the best app for your pelvic area. If you look forward to avoiding cellulite this app is the right choice.

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