Guide for πŸ’»πŸ“±How to Remove Your Online Presence πŸ–₯for Girls Tired of Social Media πŸ“΅ ...

We all know that nowadays it’s hard to keep some aspects of our lives private or even to prevent strangers from knowing more than just our name. Despite the great benefits that come from being on the internet, it’s difficult to control just how much information gets out there and who ends up seeing it. This can greatly affect careers, personal life and family matters. Therefore, if the internet has officially become too much for you and you are ready to get off the grid, you must complete a series of actions before being completely confident about your presence being off the web. Here are a few steps you should make sure to go through!

1. Get Rid of Your Current Profiles/accounts

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You can begin by deleting all primary accounts you are currently aware of. Make sure to deactivate all social media profiles, delivery service accounts and retail memberships. Just remember to save momentous pictures, posts or messages from websites such as Facebook and Instagram, to make sure you are not losing valuable memories in the process!

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