Guide for How to Remove Your Online Presence for Girls Tired of Social Media ...


Guide for How to Remove Your Online Presence for Girls Tired of Social Media ...
Guide for How to Remove Your Online Presence for Girls Tired of Social Media ...

We all know that nowadays it’s hard to keep some aspects of our lives private or even to prevent strangers from knowing more than just our name. Despite the great benefits that come from being on the internet, it’s difficult to control just how much information gets out there and who ends up seeing it. This can greatly affect careers, personal life and family matters. Therefore, if the internet has officially become too much for you and you are ready to get off the grid, you must complete a series of actions before being completely confident about your presence being off the web. Here are a few steps you should make sure to go through!

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Get Rid of Your Current Profiles/accounts

computer keyboard, home appliance, input device, typing, major appliance, You can begin by deleting all primary accounts you are currently aware of. Make sure to deactivate all social media profiles, delivery service accounts and retail memberships. Just remember to save momentous pictures, posts or messages from websites such as Facebook and Instagram, to make sure you are not losing valuable memories in the process!


Find the Profiles You Might Have Forgotten about

person, profession, YYyyyy, 7777, 77777711, The fact that every single person on the internet has probably developed incredible stalking skills over the years comes as no surprise. However, it’s time to switch things up a bit and use your own tricks against yourself. Put your own name into the search engine and check out every single thing that is out there. Find accounts that you might have forgotten about and get rid of them!


Mess with Accounts You Can’t Delete

person, profession, Who, As with the websites that will not allow you to delete your account, start getting a little bit creative. Change your name, address, bio information and really get your imagination going to falsify them as much as you can. Posting fake information on the internet can be fun, you can create a whole new life or even an alter ego!


Delete Search Engine Results of You

person, woman, emotion, begging, you, And for search results that you cannot get rid of yourself, you can actually request search engines to delete links that return information about you. All you have to do is politely file a request and poof, it’s gone! Most search engines should have a URL removal tool at your disposal.


Unsubscribe from Mailing Lists

person, profession, RDASHIANS, ONLINE, COM, It is finally time to clean out your email and get rid of all the subscriptions you have mindlessly signed up for over the years. That includes deals/sales notifications, list serves, and other marketing promotions! Let’s be honest, they’ve been bothering you for a while now anyways.

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Say Goodbye to Your Email

pet, mammal, animal, vertebrate, dog, Once you’ve completed doing that, it’s time to part with your email altogether! Deleting your email might be difficult but your online presence is not officially gone until you get rid of everything. Don’t hold back and finish what you’ve started!


Use Websites and Apps to Help You out

person, profession, speech, mobile device, god, And if the above steps are a little bit too much of a hassle for you, you can always find help from a variety of websites and apps. For example, DeleteMe and JustDelete.Me can help you disappear online by removing your public profiles automatically. Saves you the trouble and gets the job done!

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