7 Apps City Girls Need to Make Their Lives Easier ...

By Jennifer

7 Apps City Girls Need to Make Their Lives Easier ...

If you're a city girl, you probably already know there's nothing like a really good app to help you sort any city-living problem you might encounter. Just in case, though, here are a few apps to make your city life so much easier.

1 Uber

diagram, mobile phone, mobile device, document, area, Price: Free at itunes.apple.com
Taxis are so 2014! This non-taxi ride service makes city life so much easier, mostly because it lets you see how much a ride will cost before you get in the car. Love!

2 Kick Map

diagram, drawing, map, electronics, plan, Price: $2.99 at itunes.apple.com
Subway maps are notoriously tough to read, but not the ones in this ultra-handy app. There are four maps available: NYC, DC, London, and Chicago.

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3 The Best

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Okay, so this is the coffee version of the app, designed to help you find the best coffee near you, but there are other versions, too, for other food and drink.

4 Drizly

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Get your favorite beer, wine, or liquor delivered to your door (as long as you live in one of the 19 metropolitan areas Drizly serves), without a price markup, and almost always within an hour. I use this way more than I probably should.

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5 Instacart

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Why is grocery shopping in the city such a hassle? Mostly because it means walking while carrying armloads of heavy bags. This app, though, lets you order groceries for delivery, which costs a little but is worth every penny.

6 Apartments.com

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Living in big city usually equals apartment dwelling, and finding a place can be a nightmare. With this app, though, it doesn't have to. You can easily see what's available anytime, anywhere, in any neighborhood.

7 Seamless

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I know you're starting to see a trend here: I like the convenience of having things delivered, rather than go out and battle crowds all the time. This app means I get my fave carryout delivered to my door. Hooray!

Which of these apps do you use and love? Is there another city-living app I need to try?

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