Genius Ways to Start the Year with a Clean Digital Slate ...


Genius Ways to Start  the Year with a Clean Digital Slate ...
Genius Ways to Start  the Year with a Clean Digital Slate ...

I'm here to share some easy ways to get a clean digital slate. When you think about the classic term ‘new year, new me’, you usually think about things like diet and exercise, but it can also be used for the way that you live your life online too. If you are conscious about the trail you are leaving on the internet, then why not start 2018 by de-cluttering your online persona and starting off with a clean digital slate? Here are few handy ways to get a clean digital slate.

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Erase Google Search History

One of the simplest ways to get a clean digital slate is to clear your Google history. Google is like a friend to all of us, that friend who knows everything and can answer any question you might have! The only difference is that Google has the power to remember every single thing you ever typed, so if you want to start fresh, you need to erase your search history. You can this by clicking on My Account > My Activity > Delete Activity By…there you go, a clean slate for searching!


Erase Facebook Search History

Facebook can bring out the worst in our online stalking tendencies, and you might not know that the social media giant keeps a log of everything that you have enquired in the search bar over the years! Don’t worry though, you can delete this from existence too by logging in, going to the upside down triangle in the top right corner, Activity Log > Photos, Likes And Comments > More > Clear Searches.


Use Covert Search Engines

So now that you have cleared some online history, you should probably go forward in a way that is less invasive. This can be done by using a search engine that doesn’t keep users’ private information, something like DuckDuckGo is perfect. Alternatively, Ixquick is the world’s most private search engine, as is doesn’t even record your IP address when you are using it!

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