Come on Get Appy These 9 Nifty Fitness Apps Will Make You Healthy and Happy ...


There's truly an app for everything, but I'm especially addicted to apps that help with my health and fitness goals. Yeah, I'm still waiting for an app that gives me a little shock every time I think about Girl Scout cookies (OMG, samoas), but til then, these health and fitness apps are the next best thing.

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BurnThis On the App Store at:
This app is the perfect blend of Instagram and Pinterest and every great fitness app ever - FitStaPin? Anyway, it allows you to share fitness photos and quotes, and you can sign up to do fitness challenges. I love this one!


Active Couch to 5k

Active Couch to 5k On the App Store at:
If you're new to running, and you REALLY want to run that glow run or color run, this is the app to help you get there. The best part? There are a few different virtual trainers to choose from (including, awesomely enough, a zombie)! 9 weeks from now, you'll be ready for that run. Woot!


My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal On the App Store at:
As the name suggests, this handy little app is 100% interested in helping you get and stay fit. It's the only one I've found that encourages me to try a snack I didn't buy from Girl Scouts, minus the electric shock.



MapMyRun On the App Store at:
Right now, I'm training for a 220-mile relay I had no business signing up for, but one bright spot in this torture has been discovering some of the finer features of MapMyRun. I love the coaching (hooray for having my own cheerleader) and the gear tracker, which tells me when I might want to consider a new pair of shoes. The free version is fine, but if you want even more features, consider the paid and advert-free version.



Handstand On the App Store at:
I was so excited when I saw the name of this app - finally, an app that would teach me, in great detail, how to do a handstand! But no. It's actually even better! It matches you up with personal trainers near you, who can teach you how to do a handstand... or fine, meet all your own fitness goals.



Prevention On the App Store at:
Yep, those little magazines from the doctor's office waiting room, they have their own app, and it's not just for grammas. It's actually really helpful, with loads of interesting health and wellness articles, for everyone, of every age.


Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run! On the App Store at:
If you're bored with your running routine, change it up with this ridiculously fun (and I confess, sometimes scary) take on the traditional zombie apocalypse.



Glow On the App Store at:
Wondering when your next visit from Auntie Flow might be? Curious about when your best chance to conceive will be? This app can help. It's easy to use, and it's free.


Disney Magic Timer

Disney Magic Timer On the App Store at:
Wait, hear me out: we ALL need to take good care of our chompers, and this app is a lot of fun, even for (ahem) adults. Who doesn't love Disney? Okay. Fine. Laugh at me. But try it in secret and you'll see what I mean!

There are seriously so many other health and fitness apps, but these are my favorites for now... what would you add to my list?

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Rock My Run is an awesome app too - free 1/2 hr mixes of music 😄

These apps rock think I'm gonna get map my run!

I downloaded Zombies, Run! Can't wait to try it out!

Thank you for this info, i might time myself when im out walking my dog! These are great.

Thank you. I was looking for some new apps.

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