The Apps Every Student Needs in Their School Survival Kit ...


The Apps Every Student Needs in Their School Survival Kit ...
The Apps Every Student Needs in Their School Survival Kit ...

For help with your studies and just getting to grip with life as a student, there are thousands of apps. They help you get organized, aid your work, keep track of your money and also keep you informed and entertained. Every student is obviously different and will want a unique selection of apps, but here’s my selection:

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Microsoft Word

text, font, mobile device, area, View,, The absolute daddy when it comes to word processing programs, and this stripped back free version is a godsend for students!

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text, mobile phone, font, mobile device, gadget, This is a wonderful cloud service from Microsoft that lets you access all of your files from multiple devices, which means that you will never get caught out if you leave your laptop or your phone at home.

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dish, food, produce, meal, document, Living the student life can be tough, but Groupon makes it a little bit easier by showcasing all of the best deals and discounts of the day/week/month!

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AccuWeather, text, mobile phone, gadget, mobile device, Want to know if you are going to have take that umbrella to your lecture in case it is raining when you come out? No problem, just check the super reliable Accuweather app for a detailed forecast.

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document, major appliance, LISTENING, HISTORY, Keeping, Sometimes you want a playlist so specific that Spotify just doesn’t cut it, but the 100% user generated lists on 8Tracks are more likely to satisfy your specific needs.

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Famous Quotes

Meaning is not what you start with but what you end up with.

Peter Elbow

Sworkit Lite

mobile phone, multimedia, gadget, advertising, document, You’ve got to remember to stay fit amidst all of the studying, and the Sworkit app provides a short and sharp boost of exercise inspiration that you need to stay on top of things.

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diagram, mobile phone, mobile device, document, area, Take all of the hassle out of making your back from a student party by having the Uber app right there on your phone; no more haling cabs!

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image, multimedia, document, Create, If the Instagram and Facebook filters just aren’t doing it for you anymore, then turn to VSCO for a whole host of new and exciting features that you can apply to your photos.

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text, product, font, web page, document, Anybody who has written a bibliography knows how stressful it can be. Let EasyBib take care of the referencing for you so you can concentrate on the essay content!

Download at:



Shotover Jet, mobile phone, gadget, mp3 player accessory, magenta, Combining a Pinterest style with education, Flipboard is a place where you can collate lots of different articles that you think will be helpful in your essays and assignments.

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App Store, text, font, web page, product, The perfect way to revise for exams: create fun quiz cards for subjects that you and your friends can test each other with before the big day arrives.

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Dragon Dictation

text, player, multimedia, document, bag, Some people learn better by speaking out loud instead of writing down, so use this dictation app.

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diagram, document, mobile device, mp3 player accessory, Definitions, There is no shame in it; we all need a quick word definition sometimes! Having the whole dictionary in your pocket is much easier than carrying a physical volume around!

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text, mobile phone, font, gadget, mobile phone case, A great resource for students to be able to collate every single scrap of notes that they have for a subject, from handwritten copies to online articles that they have found to be useful.

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product, diagram, web page, mobile phone, document, The holy grail of ensuring that you never lose your work! Simply send it to DropBox and then even if your computer crashes, you will have it safe and sound in a cloud!

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Google Hangout

text, font, diagram, mobile device, document, It can be hard for students to get together to organize group projects, so Google Hangout is perfect for this, where you can have a big video conference call with all of the group members.

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person, profession, 00:00:00, Jennifer, Rizzi, Bored of the same old PowerPoint presentations? Do something a little different by creating a piece of work with this cool app.

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