The 7 Best Apps to Track Your Money ...

By Neecey

The 7 Best Apps to Track Your Money ...

Using apps to track your money is an easy way to get a handle on your budget. It gives you an immediacy in control because you can enter your spends the minute you make them rather than waiting until you get home, at which point unless you’re really motivated, you probably will forget to do. Money apps make it easy to make a habit of budget management – win, right?

1 Receipt Catcher

Receipt Catcher

With this app, you may take a photograph of your receipts and they will look as if they have been scanned onto your phone. You may then arrange your receipts into categories. The idea is to track the amount you spend either by cash in hand, or in certain places, or with certain cards. Whatever information it is difficult for you to get online, you may plug with this app so that you have full control of your budget and know exactly what is being spent. If you are unsure what is being spent in a certain area, you can set up a category and track what you spend by what receipts you have.

2 Wally – Smart Personal Finance

Wally – Smart Personal Finance

Just so you know, there is an app called Wally for the Android, but it is a wallpaper app. The Wally app on the iOS allows you to take control of your finances by helping you see where your money goes. It helps you create a budget and stick to it. The app allows you to set goals and helps you balance your income with your outgoings.

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3 You Need a Budget

You Need a Budget

This is a great app but be warned, you will need to set up a PC account too, if you want to get the app to work to its full capacity. It allows you to set up a budget and allows you to check your balance before making every purchase. You can see how your spending will (and does) affect your budget. You can see historic account information, and you can remain 100% aware of your spending. A tighter grasp on your spending habits may help you keep the money you earn.

4 Pocket Expense

Pocket Expense

Track your bills, categorize your expenses, move funds into a single operation, and build your budget one day at a time. What is good about this app is that it supports numerous budgets, which is ideal for self-employed people or people who have a variable income.

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5 Splitwise


The Splitwise app is supposed to have honest intentions, but you cannot help but think about the Merchant of Venice (reference for people over the age of 40yrs), or the Sopranos (reference for people over the age of 25yrs). It is an app for tracking how much money you have lent to other people, or how much money they owe you. It is supposed to be set up for people who lend out a lot of their money or for people who run a household and are often owed money, but it also works really well if you live in shared accommodation and split bills.

6 52 Weeks Money Challenge

52 Weeks Money Challenge

Need apps to whip your budget into shape? Then this may be the one for you. The app is set up as a goal-achieving program that sets you a challenge to keep to your goal. It is a cheap move, but for some reason a lot of people have responded to it. Some people say that setting a challenge is the best way to work their budget. The biggest complaint about it is that you cannot change the money symbol.

7 Bill Monitor

Bill Monitor

There is the Bill Monitor for the iOS, and there is Bills for the Android. They both help you divide your money into monthly bills. The app reminds you about each bill as it occurs. You can check your app to see which bill is coming next and how long it will be before it arrives. You can define which account it will come out of if you have direct debit payments. Plus, just like an alarm clock, you are able to set the app to snooze.

Do you currently use an app to manage your budget? Which one do you use? What’s great about it?

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Mint is an amazing app for personal finance.

I use number 3, You Need A Budget (YNAB). It's great!

Yes I agree. Mint is definitely a great app!

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