How to Get the Rarest Kitties in Neko Atsume ...

By Jennifer

How to Get the Rarest Kitties in Neko Atsume ...

With so many ridiculously cute kitties to collect in Neko Atsume, it may be some weeks before you glance up from your phone to realize you're still missing a few of them in your catbook and albums. Gasp! How can you attract these cats to your yard, the rarest of the rare Neko Atsume kitties? Let's find out.

1 Joe DiMeowgio

Joe DiMeowgio This baseball-themed kitty really loves one toy more than others... what could it be? Yeah. It's the baseball. He's not picky about food, though, so fill the bowl with Thrifty Bits or Frisky Bits and he'll show up soon.

Updated on 10/2/2023

Joe DiMeowgio is one of the rarest cats in the popular smartphone game, Neko Atsume. He is a baseball-themed kitty who loves to play with his favorite toy - a baseball. Joe DiMeowgio is not picky when it comes to food, so you can fill his bowl with either Thrifty Bits or Frisky Bits and he will be sure to show up.

Joe DiMeowgio is a unique kitty who loves to play with his baseball. He loves to play catch and can even bat the ball around like a real baseball player. Joe DiMeowgio is a friendly kitty who loves to be around people. He loves to be petted and will purr and meow in response to your affections.

Joe DiMeowgio is a great addition to any Neko Atsume collection. He is a rare kitty who will bring a lot of joy to your Neko Atsume experience. He is a great companion and will be sure to bring a smile to your face.

2 Senor Don Gato

Senor Don Gato I love his little outfit, and of course, his cute mustache! He loves the Mister Mouse toy, and he's not too choosy about food, either.

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3 Xerxes IX

Xerxes IX I can't tell if this rare kitty is trying to look regal or if he's just angry, but either way, you can attract him to your yard with the Zanzibar cushion.

4 Chairman Meow

Chairman Meow This kitty visited my yard a few times before I could catch him in a photo, the little sneak! He's attracted to the earthenware pot (which other kitties like to curl up in).

Updated on 10/2/2023

Chairman Meow is one of the rarest cats in Neko Atsume, the popular cat-collecting game from Japan. He is a mysterious, all-black cat with bright green eyes, and he can be quite elusive. He's attracted to the earthenware pot in the game, which other cats like to curl up in.

Chairman Meow is a mischievous cat and can be hard to spot. He's been known to sneak around yards, so it's important to keep an eye out for him. It may take several visits before you can finally capture him in a photo. Once you do, he will become a permanent part of your Neko Atsume collection.

Chairman Meow is a special cat with a unique personality. He loves to explore and is always looking for something new. He is also a bit of a prankster and loves to play hide and seek. He's always ready for an adventure and loves to explore new places.

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5 Saint Purrtrick

Saint Purrtrick Like so many other cats, this rare kitty likes the kotatsu, and he's not finicky about food. I love his eyes!

Updated on 10/2/2023

Saint Purrtrick is one of the rarest cats in the game Neko Atsume. This rare kitty is a fan of the kotatsu, a heated table covered by a blanket that is popular in Japan. He is also not finicky about food, making him an easy cat to please.

Saint Purrtrick has a distinctive look, with his bright green eyes standing out. His fur is white with grey patches and he has a black nose. His tail is long and fluffy, adding to his charm.

Neko Atsume is a popular game app for iOS and Android devices. The game involves collecting different cats, each with their own unique look and personality. To collect a cat, the player must provide food and toys for the cats to play with.

The game has become increasingly popular over the years, and the rare cats like Saint Purrtrick have become highly sought after by players. There are many strategies to get the rare cats, including using specific types of food, toys, and furniture.

6 Ms. Fortune

Ms. Fortune Will this pretty kitty bring good fortune to your yard? She will, if you set out the cardboard house.

7 Tubbs

Tubbs Set out any food bowl, and this chubby white kitty will appear. He'll eat all the food, but if you let him leave on his own before you replace the Bits, he'll leave lots of silver fish.

8 Mr. Meowgi

Mr. Meowgi Aaand now I want to re-watch the original Karate Kid movies again! If you want to spot this cutey-cat, set out the scratching log.

9 Ramses the Great

Ramses the Great All kitties think they're this big and important, don't they? To attract Ramses, set out the pyramid tent, naturally.

10 Sassy Fran

Sassy Fran Her outfit is adorable! She likes to hang out in the cardboard cafe, so I'm assuming that outfit is a waitressing uniform, and not a French maid's costume, as some have guessed.

11 Billy the Kitten

Billy the Kitten It's hard to believe a kitty this cute could ever be in trouble, but set out the cowboy hat and see what happens.

12 Frosty

Frosty This finicky feline's visited my yard once, but I wasn't able to catch him on camera, and he hasn't returned. He likes the snowy pillow, large cooling mat, and blizzard tent. Makes sense, right?

13 Apricot, Ganache & Peaches

Apricot, Ganache & Peaches I've included these kitties even though they're not "rare" because they're still kind of hard to catch. Peaches likes all kinds of different toys, but my top three she's used are the snowy pillow, cardboard cafe, and blue rubber ball. Apricot likes the kotatsu, and Ganache loves all of the cardboard toys.

14 Bob the Cat

Bob the Cat What a sweet little face! I haven't been visited by this cat yet, so this isn't my photo, but he's attracted to the cat metropolis.

15 Conductor Whiskers

Conductor Whiskers I love his little outfit! I haven't seen him in my yard yet (so this isn't my yard photo), but this cat loves the cardboard train and the twisty rail.

16 Lady Meow-Meow

Lady Meow-Meow This pop star kitty loves the luxurious hammock, and though I've had it set out for more than a week, she hasn't appeared yet. This is some other lucky player's photo.

17 Guy Furry

Guy Furry Guy, umm... Furry... he likes the glass vase, and apparently he also probably would like to have his own cooking show and maybe a few cookbooks?

18 Kathmandu

Kathmandu I haven't seen this rare kitty yet (so this isn't a photo from my yard), but apparently, he likes the temari ball and lacquered bowl. I've set them out on their own and he hasn't appeared; I wonder if I need to set them both out at the same time?

19 Sapphire & Jeeves

Sapphire & Jeeves I haven't seen these two yet (so this isn't my photo), so I don't know if they appear together or on their own, but they're both attracted to the fancy parasol and tower of treats.

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Guy furry likes to make ome lets on the red heating stove too

Mr Meowgi also comes on the sakura pillow x3

I love kittens and cats

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