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With so many ridiculously cute kitties to collect in Neko Atsume, it may be some weeks before you glance up from your phone to realize you're still missing a few of them in your catbook and albums. Gasp! How can you attract these cats to your yard, the rarest of the rare Neko Atsume kitties? Let's find out.

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Joe DiMeowgio

Joe DiMeowgio This baseball-themed kitty really loves one toy more than others... what could it be? Yeah. It's the baseball. He's not picky about food, though, so fill the bowl with Thrifty Bits or Frisky Bits and he'll show up soon.


Joe DiMeowgio is one of the rarest cats in the popular smartphone game, Neko Atsume. He is a baseball-themed kitty who loves to play with his favorite toy - a baseball. Joe DiMeowgio is not picky when it comes to food, so you can fill his bowl with either Thrifty Bits or Frisky Bits and he will be sure to show up.

Joe DiMeowgio is a unique kitty who loves to play with his baseball. He loves to play catch and can even bat the ball around like a real baseball player. Joe DiMeowgio is a friendly kitty who loves to be around people. He loves to be petted and will purr and meow in response to your affections.

Joe DiMeowgio is a great addition to any Neko Atsume collection. He is a rare kitty who will bring a lot of joy to your Neko Atsume experience. He is a great companion and will be sure to bring a smile to your face.


Senor Don Gato

Senor Don Gato I love his little outfit, and of course, his cute mustache! He loves the Mister Mouse toy, and he's not too choosy about food, either.


Señor Don Gato is quite the charmer! To tempt this dapper feline into your virtual yard, be sure to save up those silver fish for luxury items. He's particularly fond of the Tower of Treats and the Temari Ball. As for his diet, you'll often find him nibbling on the Ritzy Bitz—a bit of a gourmet, this one! Don't forget to snap some pictures of him for your Catbook. He may be a rare sight, but his visits are always picture-purrfect opportunities for a memorable photo.

Frequently asked questions

Oh, attracting rare cats can be quite the thrill! You'll need to set up the right goodies like certain toys and food. For instance, use the Cat Metropolis for Whiteshadow or the cardboard house for Bob the Cat. Experiment with different setups!

Sapphire and Jeeves are one of the most elegant pairs in the game! They usually visit together. Setting out the Fairy-tale Parasol or the Mister Dragonfly will give you a good shot at hosting these sophisticated kitties.

Aww, Peaches is just adorable but a bit picky! She loves the Temari ball and the Cat Pancake. Be patient because she's a rare visitor but totally worth the wait!

Ah, the rarest kitties are elusive! Make sure to use the highest quality food like Bonito Bitz or Deluxe Tuna Bitz to entice them. Also, try as many different toys and decorations as you can to attract those hard-to-get cuties!

The Catbook is your ultimate collector's guide! It keeps track of all the cats who visited you, including what toys they used and their mementos. It's super fun to see your progress and reminisce on which cats have stopped by!


Xerxes IX

Xerxes IX I can't tell if this rare kitty is trying to look regal or if he's just angry, but either way, you can attract him to your yard with the Zanzibar cushion.


Xerxes IX is indeed one of the more enigmatic feline figures in the world of Neko Atsume. As a virtual pet of sorts, he carries an air of antiquity, much like his namesake. If you're looking to entice this noble-looking creature, remember, he has a taste for the finer things. Make sure to save up those golden sardines for the luxurious Zanzibar cushion. Splashing out on this item is well worth it, as Xerxes IX doesn't settle for less than the best. Once he graces your digital doorstep, you'll be the envy of all cat collectors.


Chairman Meow

Chairman Meow This kitty visited my yard a few times before I could catch him in a photo, the little sneak! He's attracted to the earthenware pot (which other kitties like to curl up in).


Chairman Meow is one of the rarest cats in Neko Atsume, the popular cat-collecting game from Japan. He is a mysterious, all-black cat with bright green eyes, and he can be quite elusive. He's attracted to the earthenware pot in the game, which other cats like to curl up in.

Chairman Meow is a mischievous cat and can be hard to spot. He's been known to sneak around yards, so it's important to keep an eye out for him. It may take several visits before you can finally capture him in a photo. Once you do, he will become a permanent part of your Neko Atsume collection.

Chairman Meow is a special cat with a unique personality. He loves to explore and is always looking for something new. He is also a bit of a prankster and loves to play hide and seek. He's always ready for an adventure and loves to explore new places.


Saint Purrtrick

Saint Purrtrick Like so many other cats, this rare kitty likes the kotatsu, and he's not finicky about food. I love his eyes!


Saint Purrtrick is one of the rarest cats in the game Neko Atsume. This rare kitty is a fan of the kotatsu, a heated table covered by a blanket that is popular in Japan. He is also not finicky about food, making him an easy cat to please.

Saint Purrtrick has a distinctive look, with his bright green eyes standing out. His fur is white with grey patches and he has a black nose. His tail is long and fluffy, adding to his charm.

Neko Atsume is a popular game app for iOS and Android devices. The game involves collecting different cats, each with their own unique look and personality. To collect a cat, the player must provide food and toys for the cats to play with.

The game has become increasingly popular over the years, and the rare cats like Saint Purrtrick have become highly sought after by players. There are many strategies to get the rare cats, including using specific types of food, toys, and furniture.


Ms. Fortune

Ms. Fortune Will this pretty kitty bring good fortune to your yard? She will, if you set out the cardboard house.


Ms. Fortune is among those elusive feline guests who can be particularly picky about their visits. Nevertheless, a touch of luxury can entice her: deluxe tuna bitz are her preferred nibble. Remember, her refined palate will settle for nothing less. Tempt her further with the cardboard choo-choo, which seems to mesh well with her elegant disposition. Snap a picture when she graces you with her presence, for Ms. Fortune's visits are as fleeting as they are rewarding. Keep an eye out for her, and perhaps she'll leave you with some bountiful golden sardines as a token of her favor.



Tubbs Set out any food bowl, and this chubby white kitty will appear. He'll eat all the food, but if you let him leave on his own before you replace the Bits, he'll leave lots of silver fish.


Tubbs, with his adorable plump figure, is quite the character in the kitty-collecting world of Neko Atsume. His love for food is unparalleled; just make sure to resist the temptation to refill the bowl too quickly. If you're patient, Tubbs rewards your generosity handsomely with a bounty of silver fish – the currency of cats in this charming game. Remember, a full bowl of Thrifty Bits might just lure him in, but it's the patience game that will pay off when it comes to this cute, ravenous cat.


Mr. Meowgi

Mr. Meowgi Aaand now I want to re-watch the original Karate Kid movies again! If you want to spot this cutey-cat, set out the scratching log.


His martial arts-inspired name is no coincidence; Mr. Meowgi is the sensei of the yard, mentoring the other kitties in the fine art of Zen. To coax him into your sanctuary, patience and the appropriate dojo décor are key. Remember to stock up on Ritzy Bitz to pamper this wise feline. His appearance may be rare, but the sight of him meditating beside the log is well worth the wait, making you the envy of your Neko Atsume peers. Just like his movie counterpart, he teaches us that sometimes, the best rewards in life require a bit of dedication and peace.


Ramses the Great

Ramses the Great All kitties think they're this big and important, don't they? To attract Ramses, set out the pyramid tent, naturally.


Ramses the Great is one of the most majestic feline visitors in the world of Neko Atsume, taking on the regal aura of his ancient namesake. To entice this kingly cat, you'll need to think like royalty. Offer him the finest fare by filling your yard with luxurious goodies—particularly the deluxe tuna bitz. Remember, this kitty has a taste for the grand and opulent, so anything less than the best won't beckon his royal highness. Keep an eye out for his royal procession; when he graces your yard with his presence, it's a sight to be treasured!


Sassy Fran

Sassy Fran Her outfit is adorable! She likes to hang out in the cardboard cafe, so I'm assuming that outfit is a waitressing uniform, and not a French maid's costume, as some have guessed.


Sassy Fran is just the cutest, isn't she? To lure her to your yard, you’ll definitely want to save up your fish for that cardboard cafe. Place it out, and there's a good chance she'll pop over to serve up some smiles. Remember, this playful kitty has a heart of gold and loves a good fish treat, so stocking up on some high-quality bait wouldn’t hurt either. Keep an eye out, because when Fran does show, she's known for leaving behind her signature memento—a little coffee cup. How exciting is that?


Billy the Kitten

Billy the Kitten It's hard to believe a kitty this cute could ever be in trouble, but set out the cowboy hat and see what happens.


Billy the Kitten, with his wide eyes and bandit mask, could fool anyone into thinking he's just another adorable face in your Neko Atsume backyard. However, this rare feline favors a Wild West theme; he's a regular paw-slinging outlaw when the right toys are in town. To lure him into your game, try setting up the Western Style façade and a Lucky Cushion. Remember, this kitten's got a reputation to uphold, so be patient: Billy only makes his appearance once the scene is set to purr-fection. Trust us, snagging a snap of this little furball will be pure gold for your Neko Atsume album.



Frosty This finicky feline's visited my yard once, but I wasn't able to catch him on camera, and he hasn't returned. He likes the snowy pillow, large cooling mat, and blizzard tent. Makes sense, right?


Frosty is one of the rarest kitties in the popular mobile game Neko Atsume. This finicky feline has a unique appearance, with a white coat and a blue scarf. He is known to visit yards with snowy pillows, large cooling mats, and blizzard tents. Frosty's personality is described as aloof and elusive, making him a difficult kitty to attract. However, once he does visit, he leaves behind a generous amount of silver and gold fish for the player. Many players have reported only seeing Frosty once or twice, making him a highly coveted kitty to have in their collection.


Apricot, Ganache & Peaches

Apricot, Ganache & Peaches I've included these kitties even though they're not "rare" because they're still kind of hard to catch. Peaches likes all kinds of different toys, but my top three she's used are the snowy pillow, cardboard cafe, and blue rubber ball. Apricot likes the kotatsu, and Ganache loves all of the cardboard toys.


Catching a glimpse of these elusive felines can be as rewarding as spotting the rarest of them all! To lure Peaches into your virtual yard, try experimenting with an assortment of goodies – think beyond the usual suspects. As for Apricot, cozy up to him with a warm kotatsu on a chilly day. And if you're aiming to win Ganache's cardboard-loving heart, stock up on those boxy delights. Keep your camera ready, because you never know when these adorable critters will grace you with their presence amidst your collection of playful attractions!


Bob the Cat

Bob the Cat What a sweet little face! I haven't been visited by this cat yet, so this isn't my photo, but he's attracted to the cat metropolis.


Bob the Cat is quite the elusive feline traveler, often found lounging about only after quite a few treasures have been laid out. His penchant for the luxurious Ritzy Bitz will surely increase your chances of a visit. Be sure to set out the Luxe Treasure-box or the Sakura Pillow to entice this adventurous kitty to your yard. His whimsical excursions are rare, making any snapshot of him a coveted trophy among collectors and cat enthusiasts alike. Keep your eyes peeled and your camera ready, because with Bob the Cat, each visit is a precious moment captured in time.


Conductor Whiskers

Conductor Whiskers I love his little outfit! I haven't seen him in my yard yet (so this isn't my yard photo), but this cat loves the cardboard train and the twisty rail.


This oh-so-dapper feline is quite the elusive catch. Want to entice this classy kitty to your virtual space? The trick is to place out the luxurious choo-choo trains; it seems Conductor Whiskers can't resist a good ride in style. Also, don't forget to stock up on high-quality food—rumor has it he's got a taste for the finer things. Fingers crossed, with some patience and the right setup, you'll soon snap a picture of him tipping his hat in your direction!


Lady Meow-Meow

Lady Meow-Meow This pop star kitty loves the luxurious hammock, and though I've had it set out for more than a week, she hasn't appeared yet. This is some other lucky player's photo.


Lady Meow-Meow can definitely prove to be an elusive guest. With her superstar status, she's poised to demand only the choicest amenities. To entice her, consider investing in some high-quality, ritzy food—perhaps Bonito Bitz or Deluxe Tuna Bit will do the trick. Place these gourmet offerings alongside her preferred luxurious hammock, and practice patience. It's essential to check in regularly, as this fancy feline makes appearances on her own schedule. Keep your virtual yard primped and primed, and before you know it, you might just catch Lady Meow-Meow basking in her hammock, ready for her close-up!


Guy Furry

Guy Furry Guy, umm... Furry... he likes the glass vase, and apparently he also probably would like to have his own cooking show and maybe a few cookbooks?


This culinary connoisseur of a cat can be particularly picky with his preferences. Whip out the glass vase and watch Guy Furry appear to show off his chef skills – he's a whisker away from culinary fame! And if you're lucky, he may grace your yard with his specialty: pizza atop a heating stove or a parfait in a glass. It's all about tantalizing his taste buds and inspiring his next gourmet creation. So keep an eye out, because this feline Food Network star in the making is sure to cook up something purr-fectly delightful!



Kathmandu I haven't seen this rare kitty yet (so this isn't a photo from my yard), but apparently, he likes the temari ball and lacquered bowl. I've set them out on their own and he hasn't appeared; I wonder if I need to set them both out at the same time?


Sapphire & Jeeves

Sapphire & Jeeves I haven't seen these two yet (so this isn't my photo), so I don't know if they appear together or on their own, but they're both attracted to the fancy parasol and tower of treats.

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Guy furry likes to make ome lets on the red heating stove too

Mr Meowgi also comes on the sakura pillow x3

I love kittens and cats

Perhaps there's one you missed! Or, maybe it's been added since this post. His name is "Whiteshadow" and it's a solid white cat in a ninja costume. Unfortunately, I attempted the setting my system clock trick. (This was after I canceled my Google Play Pass which I thought ruined my experience in my kitty game!) Nonetheless, when I reset it to get my cats to reappear, I had LOST Whiteshadow! He's recently reappeared. The only screenshot I have is the ones I took before I botched my game. So, unless there's an official list or He's an addition (my daughter just recently got me into this game, lol, so I'm new), maybe there's more kitties OR maaaybe Whiteshadow is even more rare than any of these? I've tried to figure out why he showed up. I remember there were 3 other 'rare' kitties and I had some Japanese themed items, expensive items, and sashimi food out. I haven't tried that exact combination, but apparently he's been back. Good luck finding him ya'll

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