Visit These Websites to Get More Business Savvy ...


Visit These Websites to Get More Business Savvy ...
Visit These Websites to Get More Business Savvy ...

Websites to make you business savvy can really help you understand just what a new business has in store for you. Maybe you are just a college student trying to launch your first startup (like me!). Perhaps, you are looking for a way to retire comfortably. Maybe you just want to start a college fund for each of your children or grandchildren even. Whatever the case, use these websites to make you business savvy and get your business going.

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Business Insider is probably the most diverse of websites to make you business savvy. They offer strategies in technology, finance, politics and more. They also offer human interest pieces on the lives of successful entrepreneurs, so you get an inside look at how to make your life more successful. The site does a pretty good job at keeping you up to date on the latest startups and innovations in the business realm.


Stumble upon (the Business Section)

If you have not already, please enhance your life by checking out the website It is the Pandora of website content. It allows you to browse through different and new websites based on a category topic. Choose the business section, and you will find everything from investment tips to websites that focus on how to raise capital for you company.



It is Forbes. I mean, c’mon. Who doesn't check Forbes to see how to get an edge or just for inspiration even? This website and company is known for ranking the best, richest and most powerful of the business world. However, once you click go, the website opens with an inspirational quote. Then, it gives you an edge with the top stories in the business world [both the private and public sectors].


Motley Fool

This is an investment website. Right off the bat, you may be thinking… What do I need an investment site for? Well, I have mentioned it on the past three topic points because it is potentially vital to your business. Nobody wants to jeopardize their life savings on a risky startup. That being said, gaining the interests of investors is a key way to raise the funds needed to start a successful business while fending off competitors. Take a look at the investment trends listed on this site. See what ways you can mark your business to stay ahead of the trends and winning in the eyes of potential investors.


Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance has become one of my go to sites during my two and a half years in college. It allows you to predict trends in the economy. Sometimes, you may even catch an interesting debate or two in the comment section. Nonetheless, this is a critical tool that you will want to have in your pocket [or favorites].

Famous Quotes

Men in general judge more from appearances than from reality. All men have eyes, but few have the gift of penetration.

Niccolò Machiavelli

Business Week

Think of the website as an online business school… That is free! Through this website you can begin to train yourself to be super savvy in the business world. Learn how to market yourself and your business. You can get insight into anything that you lack.


This is a premier site for entrepreneurs. It offers discussions forums that allow you to engage and network with others who are headed for success just like you. It also contains advice that could prove key for your business ventures. Check it out, and you will not regret it.


This awesome site allows investors and entrepreneurs to mingle directly. It gives new business owners a chance to pitch their ideas and concepts directly to investors with great financial capabilities. It has been feature in numerous business outlets such as Forbes, TechCrunch, and Business Insider. It is definitely worth exploring.

Challenge yourself as the year is just beginning. Do you have an interesting business concept? It just may be enough to let you quit your job and live the life you have always wanted. What is stopping you?

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