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7 Apps Olympic Athletes Use for Girls Who Want Their Bodies to Be Fit AF ?

By Jennifer

I know it seems like our #RioGames she-roes are all superhuman, but before they got to the games, they got fit and fab the same way we do: with a few good apps. Which apps do these medal-winning ladies use? Let's have a look.

1 Reaction Test

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You actually can (and should) train yourself to a quicker reaction time, even if you won't ever be in the Oympics. This app helps you train up, and it's so addictive!

2 Rain, Rain Sleep Sounds

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A favorite of track and field goddess Emily Infeld, this rain sounds help-you-drift-off app is so nice, you'll wish you could stay awake just to listen.

3 Record by under Armor

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400-meter medalist Natasha Hastings uses this app to track four key fitness areas, but according to a recent interview, the one she finds most important is the sleep section. Who knew?

4 Nike + Running

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I use this app every day, to track my miles, pace, personal records, and more. A better endorsement? English Gardner uses it, too.

5 Pokémon GO

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Like everyone else on the planet, Olympians are also trying to be the very best and catch them all. What a fun way to unwind, right? I wonder if there are different Pokémon in Rio than here in the States?

6 Instagram

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Want a behind-the-scenes look at what our fave Olympic legends are doing while they're not competing? Follow them on Instagram! For instance, you can follow Natasha Hastings at @natashahastings.

7 Starbucks

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Let's talk for a moment about Natasha Hastings' caffeine addiction: it's confirmed, and it's just another sign she's even more relate-able than I thought an Olympic legend could be. If you're hooked too, you'll want to use this app, too.

Which of these apps will you download and use first? Or is there another app you use every day you just love?

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