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7 Amazing Pandora Stations You Probably Don't Know about ...

By Rotem

Pandora is the lovely smartphone app that lets you listen to music playlists according to your artist or song of choice, but those aren’t the only Pandora stations available! You will be surprised when I tell you about these playlists available on Pandora. You can listen to these different stations on the road or even at home! Here are a few Pandora stations you probably didn’t know about.

1 Classical for Studying

This station is one of the most useful Pandora stations. It is a playlist of classical music made for studying. This may sound strange and boring to some, but it’s very helpful to have music in the background while studying. I use this playlist when I do homework or study for tests and it’s really great! The music is nice to listen to without being distracted by lyrics. This station is so great for students in high school or college. I’m sure you haven’t heard about it, but now you do!

2 Comedy

Did you know that Pandora has a comedy station? Every track that plays is basically a 5-10 minute piece of a stand-up comedy skit. You can also type in a favorite comedian for a more specific playlist, similar to the process of making music playlists. I love the “Kevin Hart”, “Jo Koy”, and “Aries Spears” playlists for long and boring car rides. What a nice addition to this amazing app!


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3 Genres

You might know this one, but along with artists, bands, and songs, you can also choose specific genres of music for a different playlist option. Some options include EDM, alternative rock, and even 70s, 60s, and 50s oldies! There is a wide variety of genres to choose from! It helps specify the type of music you’d like to create a playlist from, and it shows you similar songs you might enjoy, as well!

4 Workout

There is a section for workout songs in particular. That way, instead of just choosing an artist or song for your workout, or even creating a playlist at home, you can simply play the workout station for great songs to pump you up and get you going! I love to use this station for the gym because it saves time choosing an artist or songs and all the songs are guaranteed to get you pumped!

5 Family Road Trip

This station is so cool! It’s a playlist of music for a family road trip! The music is appropriate and perfect for families. This playlist obviously won’t play anything inappropriate, boring, or sad. It will play fun music for the whole family to sing along to and enjoy!

6 Spa and Yoga

If you like to do yoga or any romantic or peaceful experience, these are the perfect playlists for you! Spa and yoga are stations that have peaceful, relaxing, and calming music perfect for an at home yoga session, massage or simply to relax. It is a great station for people with anxiety, as well. A great way to relax and to feel calm is to find an easy yoga routine online, and play these stations!

7 Love Songs & R&B Love Songs

These are such great playlists on Pandora! Who doesn't love to sing along to love songs and throwback R&B love songs? I love to play these stations when I have a long car ride by myself so that I don’t hold back from jamming out!

I hope you enjoy these Pandora stations that you might not know about. Do your research and browse through the app to find something you’d like to listen to! What are some of your favorite Pandora stations?

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