5 Simple Steps to Growing Your Popularity on Social Media ...


5 Simple Steps to Growing Your Popularity on Social Media ...
5 Simple Steps to Growing Your Popularity on Social Media ...

Social media empowers users in developing new friendships which gives them an opportunity to join wider network of people. Also, social media promotes even greater social skills and opportunities among people.

If you’re the type of person who’s also addicted to social media, you probably want to spread your content to a wider audience. I’ll give you my best five steps to building a larger social media audience and letting your content spread virally!

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Be Interesting

Don’t be boring, share stuff that would be funny, unique, useful and engaging. Focus on curated content because it’ll define your work and set you apart from others. This is an important strategy to grab your audience’s attention.


Remember, Social Media is Not Only about You

Before you start publishing curated content, think twice. Ask yourself: is the content appropriate to different kinds of audience? If not, how could you make it appropriate? This also means that you shouldn’t post stuff about yourself only because that would be so boring. In addition, it is important to distinguish between a personal and business profile.


Distribute the Content on Different Social Media Channels

After you have created your curated content and made sure it suits your audience, it’s time to spread the message on different social media platforms. Don’t focus just on one or few platforms for it might not be reaching your audience. Once you realize where your audience is, double the work. Vary your uses on different social media platforms and don’t treat them all as one because they are not.


Avoid Being Annoying

Avoid posting links of your latest blog, vlog or any other media every hour of the day. This strategy will leave you with a very little audience interested in your work. Same goes with hashtags. Avoid using numerous unnecessary and improper hashtags.


Be Consistent

If you want to become popular on social media, your users should define you quickly. That doesn’t happen in a blink of an eye, but it does happen gradually through consistency. It is essential to your audience to learn that you’re still there posting and entertaining them. Users won’t follow if they thing that the person they are following will keep disappearing.

These are the 5 steps that I followed when I created my instagram account, I hope you’ll benefit from them as much as I am now!

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