7 Kick Ass Music Apps You Don't Need to Be Online to Use ...

By Neecey

7 Kick Ass Music Apps You Don't Need to Be Online to Use ...

Your life can have a soundtrack wherever, whenever when you can listen to music apps without the internet. Here’s some of the best no-internet-required apps around currently:

1 Musify

Musify itunes.apple.com

Manage your music with this app. You save your songs onto the app, and then play them with it. It has shuffle and custom-play list features. You are able to divide your songs up by genre, country and artist. You can use the app for free on the iOS.

2 Google Play Music

Google Play Music play.google.com

The Google Play app is free and you’re able to save up to 50,000 songs on it so you can play it without the internet. It also has a radio feature that turns your phone into a radio receiver. You then pick radio stations to listen to without having to use the internet. It acts a lot like Apple iTunes on the MAC and the Microsoft music player on Windows. It has taken the best of both and mixed them to make a new music player.

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3 Spotify Premium

Spotify Premium itunes.apple.com

Create a comprehensive library of your own while on the internet, and then listen to it while you are off the internet. It is easy to use, but sadly, it is a costly app. For access to their libraries, you will have to pay a monthly fee, so this is mostly for hardcore music lovers that are looking for apps to play music without the internet.

4 Music plus

Music plus chrome.google.com

Not to be confused with “The Music+” this is a music managing app that allows you to search for music on the sound cloud and download it so you are able to listen to it when you do not have the internet. It plays your music and has the usually expected features such as repeat, shuffle and so forth. Oddly enough, it is also available for the Android, but you have to use it via Google Chrome.

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5 Spinrilla Pro

Spinrilla Pro itunes.apple.com

This app charges you a small fee per month for the privilege of listening to their select library. While you are subscribed, you are able to listen to their music offline without the internet. If you do not want to pay, then you will need the internet in order to listen to their music. The app is only available on Apple iTunes at the moment, but they may expand onto Windows and the Android if they become more successful.

6 Apple Music

Apple Music play.google.com

With Apple music, you are able to stream songs, and if you are offline, you can save songs so you are able to listen to them without using the internet. It has a well-known format that most Apple users will recognize. It does cost a fair amount of money per month, but that is mostly so you are able to get access to their library. If you are used to a Windows player or a Google player, then this one may take a little learning, but you will get the hang of it after a while once you have the feel for it.

7 SongFlip

SongFlip itunes.apple.com

The app is free, so expect ads and requests to share music. Otherwise, it is a music manager that allows you to stream music and listen to music without the internet. It is easy to use and advanced enough to keep most people happy. Browse by genre to find the songs you really want. The app could use a little more work, but it has an almost overwhelming amount of online support, so it may be worth trying this one yourself to make up your own mind.

Have you tried any of these? Or maybe you’ve got another you can recommend?

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I think you should try 'Treble'. It takes internet to download the songs, But afterwards you can listen to it free.

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