Genius Reasons to Use a Contraceptive Tracking App ...


Genius Reasons to Use a Contraceptive Tracking App ...
Genius Reasons to Use a Contraceptive Tracking App ...

Need some reasons to use a contraceptive tracking app? If you are a sexually active female who isn’t interested in starting a family at this moment, then it can be safe to assume that you are using one of the many different forms of contraception that are available to you. Contraception is a wonderful thing as it gives women control over their bodies and what may or may not happen to it in any given month, but it can only be as effective as it is supposed to be if you keep on track of your usage and don’t forget to follow the instructions and guidelines to the very last letter. One way you can enhance your contraception usage is by using an app. Here are the best reasons to use a contraceptive tracking app.

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Each Pill is Different

There are so many different varieties of the pill that sometimes different brands can have different side effects. An app is an easy way to track how one type effects you and is one of the best reasons to use a contraceptive tracking app.



Your app is the perfect companion in the sense that you can set a daily reminder to take it. You would be surprised how many women struggle with remembering!


Understand Your Body

Tracking your symptoms and feelings over the month on the app can help you to much better understand your body and the things that it goes through.


Important Info

If you do happen to miss a pill or, several pills, your app will be able to clue you in on the specific days in your cycle that you would be most susceptible to pregnancy.


More Effective

The app reminding you to take your pill at the same time can make it much more effective, as it is highly recommended to keep to as regular a schedule as possible.


Mood Monitor

Do you sometimes wonder why you are feeling so down or so angry on a certain day? Looking back at the app might be able to show you that it is all linked to your cycle.


Useful for Holidays

Tracking apps really come into their own when you are on holiday when your usual schedule is thrown out the window and you might need a few reminders.


Track Bleeding

You can also use the app to note down any irregular bleeding that you might experience. This can be useful information for your doctor.


Skin Effects

You can discover interesting patterns in the way that your skin changes at different times in your cycle by recording daily observations down in the app. If your skin has become really bad, you might want to think about switching brands of the pill.


Interactions with Other Medication

Most tracking apps will provide you with information about other medications and the ways in which they might interact with your contraceptive pill. For example, some antibiotics might reduce the effectiveness of the pill, so if you log in what you are taking, the app will be able to warn you.

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