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7 Exercise Apps That'll Make Your Treadmill Time Fly by ...

By Holly

Exercising can feel like a chore, which is why most of us don't even bother to do it. However, it's important for us to work our bodies, so that we remain healthy and live long, happy lives. Since anyone can run on a treadmill, it's the perfect place to begin your new exercise routine. Don't worry about your workout dragging on and on. With these apps, you'll never be bored on the treadmill again:

1 Zombies, Run

Zombies, RunOn iTunes: Free on

If you're a fan of Zombies, then this app will get you moving faster than you ever have before. It'll make you feel like you're in the middle of an apocalypse, where you have to keep running in order to stay alive. The app will make noises, such as gunshots and bombs exploding. It'll also talk to you like you're a fellow survivor. Occasionally, it'll tell you that zombies are after you, which means you need to pick up your running pace. If you don't, then you're going to lose the items that you've accumulated over the course of the game.

2 ResQwalk

ResQwalkOn iTunes: Free on

Is there any better motivation than the thought of helping an animal in need? If you use this app, all you have to do is walk around a bit in order to raise money for animal rescues and shelters. While it works when you're on a treadmill, this app is also great to use when you're taking your puppy for a walk around the block.

3 BitGym

BitGymOn iTunes: Free on

This app will show you interactive trails. Even though you'll be running on a stationary treadmill, it'll let you see sights that you would see if you were in the great outdoors. It's an awesome motivational tool, because it's hard to feel like you're making progress when you're in one spot on a treadmill--but with this app, it'll make you feel like you're actually progressing, because you'll see new sights every second.

4 BeatRun Music GPS

BeatRun Music GPSOn iTunes: Free on

This app will only work if you already have playlists of songs on your phone. When you open the app, it'll synchronize those songs to your running pace. It's a fresh new way to listen to tunes while you work out.

5 Run Keeper

Run KeeperOn iTunes: Free on

If you decide to take your workout from the treadmill to the streets, this app will track the locations where you travel. However, it'll also chart your weight loss and can even track your heart rate.

6 Tempo Run

Tempo RunOn iTunes: .99 on

Unfortunately, this app isn't free. However, it only costs .99 cents. The technology will categorize the music you have on your phone in order to make sure you keep listening to songs with similar beats. That way, it'll be easier for you to keep your pace while you run. They'll be no slow songs popping on to ruin your flow.

7 Skyfit

SkyfitOn iTunes: Free on
If you love the idea of going to the gym to take part in workout classes, but don't have the money or the means to get there, you can use this app instead. It allows you to download different treadmill classes onto your phone, so you can feel like you have a personal trainer.

Each and every one of us is capable of becoming a fitness fanatic. All it takes is a little push, which you can get by downloading the right apps. Have you tried any excellent apps meant for the treadmill?

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