The Lifestyle Apps Every 20 Something Needs ...

By Neecey

The Lifestyle Apps Every 20 Something Needs ...

Apps make life easier and fun: They can help you choose what wine to have when dining out or assist you in making to do lists. You can better your health, track your exercise or book a safe ride home. Find recipes, do self makeovers, go online shopping et al and more… Here’s a selection of lifestyle apps for you to try:

1 Sleep Cycle

text, diagram, multimedia, document, energy, This app is pretty much essential if you want to start each morning with verve and vigour. It tracks your sleeping patterns and wakes you up when you are in a light stage, reduces morning headaches no end!

Download at:

2 Goodreads

font, web page, mobile device, mobile phone, document, All adults should continue to read past college, and the Goodreads app is full of amazing recommendations and can also act as a virtual bookshelf for you.

Download at:

Parenting in today's technology-forward age can be challenging. It's important to provide guidance for children as they navigate through relationships and dating. If your teen is showing a keen interest in dating, it might be helpful to look at some teen dating apps where you can monitor their interactions and ensure their safety.

3 Prosper Daily

text, font, diagram, mp3 player accessory, mobile phone, An app that allows you to stay in complete control of your financials, letting you see all of your accounts on one simple place.

Download at:

4 HealthTap

turquoise, document, Health, Tap, Instant, An app that gives you access to the opinions of professional doctors at any time of the day, no matter how small or large the problem might be.


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5 Packing Pro

web page, diagram, font, document, area, If you are somebody who is spending your 20s travelling, then this app that ensures you never forget to pack the essentials is a must have!

Download at:

6 Snapchat

document, ear, Snap, Tap, take, Can you believe that Snapchat is even more popular than Twitter now? People seem to have really embraced updating their everyday lives in video form rather than text.

Download at:

7 Instagram

Instagram, sketch, chchoitoi, 128, likes, At this point, it’s an oldie, but it’s a still a goodie! Instagram is an essential app for you to have to show off all of the amazing places that you visit.

Download at:

8 Uber

diagram, mobile phone, mobile device, document, area, Gone are the days of standing outside to hail a cab. Uber has revolutionised the taxi game and you should never look back!

Download at:

9 Twitter

web page, advertising, document, banner, Get, Though Snapchat may have taken over in terms of popularity, Twitter is still best place online to find out breaking news before it has even hit the networks.

Download at:

10 KillSwitch

cartoon, illustration, advertising, SWITCH, CLEAR, Nobody wants to see their ex get on with their lives faster than they are, and with this handy app you can delete every single trace of their existence on your timeline and wall!

Download at:

11 Mint

text, diagram, mobile phone case, mp3 player accessory, document, Mint is another great app that helps you to manage your money through things like budgets and daily limits; god knows a 20 something needs to save up!

Download at:

12 MyPill

text, art, font, diagram, document, The last thing you need when in your 20s is to get pregnant when you don’t want to, so let this app take over and remind you when you need to take your birth control!

Download at:

13 Beautiful Me

text, advertising, document, flyer, Skin, This is a great app that takes the stress out of make up by analysing your face and suggesting the perfect tones and shades that would make you look amazing.

Download at:

14 MINDBODY Connect

text, font, Find, class, service, This app detects where you are using GPS technology and can then recommend cool fitness classes for you based on distance and user reviews.

Download at:

15 Clue

text, diagram, mp3 player accessory, Know, when, Keeping track of your period can be nightmare if you aren’t on any birth control, but this app is really great at letting you log your menstrual cycle and predicting your next period based on average days.

Download at:

16 GateGuru

text, web page, font, document, area, Another fantastic app for 20 somethings who like to travel, GateGuru is your new best friend when getting from place to place on a trip. You will never be late for a flight again!

Download at:

17 Instapaper

web page, document, area, Carrier, 9:13, Sometimes you just want to read some news without being bombarded by GIFS and pictures. This app takes all of the nonsense away and just leaves you with clean black and white text.

Download at:

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Could you please make one for the teenagers?

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Why is this for women in 20s only??

I'd love to know about the ones u suggest for women after 40

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